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An interior view of The Masquerade

The Masquerade is the most famous, largest, most expensive, and best-known luxury club in all of The Caribbean. Similar to most nightclubs, it is exclusively open at night, and features only the finest food, drinks, music, and experience out of any Club. It is owned by Antonio PhantomLegend, who also owns several other Clubs in the Caribbean, and it is Co-Owned by Luis Fernando Lopez, who is also head of security


Owner- Antionio "Tony" PhantomLegend

Co-Owner/ Head of Security/ Co-Manager/ Bouncer- Luis Fernando Lopez

Bouncer- Jack Ironshout

Bartenders- Emily Darkrage, Eric O'Fury

Waiters- James MacFury, John Phantombane

Musical Preformers- Chris Warkidd

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