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Before he was the greatest threat of the caribbean, the mercenary lived a good childhood. He was born in England and the first child of his fortunate family. His family was very wealthy and rich with heritage. Since he was the first child he would get the most of his parents riches. He often spent his time studying and getting his own money before the day his parents died and he got their riches.

Earning his own money

The Mercenary earned his money by dueling. He studied hard about weapons and famous duelers. He had learned to use various weapons and won many duels. He had earned many riches which helped him study and enter more dangerous duels.

The Day Comes

The Mercenary had created a sword only known as The Mercenaries Sword. It was the most sharpest and well-Balanced sword anyone had ever seen. Then when he was in his twenty's he married a beautiful woman named Jane Shivers. Then when he was in his thirties his parents died. By the riches he inherited he hired blacksmiths and Gunsmiths to craft weapons. Then he hired gypsies to craft weapons. He sold these weapons for money and traveled around the world selling weapons and hiring people to make them.

The Caribbean

The Mercenary went to the caribbean and sold his weapons. He earned a lot of gold because of the war. The Mercenary fell in love with the caribbean so when his wife was pregnant, she would have the baby in the Caribbean.

The Mercenary Become Evil

With a huge success running, robbers came after The Mercenaries business and successfully robbed it. The Mercenary came after them and killed them. The Royal Navy arrested him for doing so. When he was released he attacked the Navy and EITC. Then he caught pirates trying to rob him so he killed them too. He held a grudge against them all. So he killed his wife and kidnapped his son. He taught his son to be Evil and to use weapons. He formed EVIL and began assassinating random targets.

EVIL Invasion

EVIL invaded the caribbean and attack everything. The most famous battle was the one for Ship Docks. It was the first one where the EITC and pirates worked together to win. Then when working together the EITC and pirates won the war and pushed back EVIL. Then the betrayal happened when the EITC attack ship docks


After death damage was still done. He created the Rage Ghosts which were the undead EVIL agents. Some see his spirit at 12:00 midnight on isla mysterious. His son grew older and longed for revenge. Beware: maybe EVIL isn't gone for long...