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The Second Most Terrifying Thing In The Caribbean!


The Mercenaries' Son lived a lonley childhood. He saw his mother last when he was 2. When he was older he began dueling and doing mercenary jobs for people. His father, The Mercenary was very proud of his son's work. The Mercenaries Son had learned how to fight fast.

General Role

The Mercenaries' Son was 18 when his father had launched out EVIL. He became second-in-command of EVIL. Together The Mercenary and his son were great tactitionists. They had many risky strategies that always worked. Unfortunantly for them they lost their first battle at ship docks. The EITC and pirates were now working together. Soon the Navy was convinced to help.

Dead Father

The Mercenarys Son was now 19. Their were many battles lost for EVIL. The last of them meeted together on the Rambleshack. The Mercenary told his son to block the old wearhouse from the enemy. If The Mercenary gave a signal then the battle was won. If not then he would be dead. Their was no signal. His father was killed.

Undead EVIL

A week later he had a dream that told him to go to Isla Mysterious at 12:00am. Then he saw his father. His father told him to rebuild EVIL and to find a special stone for the next time they met. The Mercenaries' son found it and returned the next day. The stone built rage ghosts and they haunted Raven's Cove. All those Rage Ghosts were really old EVIL agents. The son was building EVIL again and attacked the Caribbean.

Attack On Bowdash Mansion

He attacked the Bowdash Mansion for an example. He stole everything in it and killed 3 visitors. It was now known that EVIL had returned. Beware they will never give up...


The Mercenaries Son was doing good until he made a mistake. He tried to attack Raven's Cove. He thought that the Rage Ghosts would assist him until his soldiers mess up. Some killed one of the Rage Ghosts and a battle raged out. The Mercenaries Son left brought but came back with several men. The old EVIL army had 10 more men then todays EVIL army. Then, the son ran into the mines with some men. Dog Hullbones and many other pirates saw them land so they were ready. Dog stabbed The Mercenaries' Son in the back five times. Then the other pirates killed the others. They battled the ones on the land and EVIL was defeated on Raven's Cove. Then soon the other EVIL members were found, along with their hidden base in the Cave of Lost Souls. They also had a hidden base on Padres Del Fuego. EVIL was now destroyed and the Caribbean was more peaceful than ever.