See the real version of the Royal British Navy here.

Man, the EITC get their own guilds and stuff what happened to the navy? Dont they get special stuff to? Like coats and outfits and guilds and.. such? So from now on theirs going to be a Navy and who cares what everyone else says!!!!!!! but its secret so u cant tell anybody. So add ur name to this list of people to be in the Navy! hurray! - fake enthuisiasm - ok everybody have a great day! - smile -

Members of the Navy

Note: This isnt actually a guild but if someone wants to make a guild out of it then go head.

Note #2: If ur awesome u have a very good chance become second in command im bored so meet me on the docks of Port Royal Barano right now and u might become 2nd in command! yay Im Roger Wildeagle I'll be wearing funky stuff

Leader: Roger Wildeagle (cause i just came up with the whole idea)

2nd in command:

3rd in command:

Captain (Can be many):

Lietenant: (Can be many):

Elite Soldier (Can be many)

Soldier (Can be many):

Recruit: (Can be many):

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