The New Brood was a pirate guild under the leadership of Richard Cannonwalker. It was created on May 26, 2009 and fell to inactivity in the September 2009. However, it did not formally end until the end of the game on September 19, 2013.

At its peak, The New Brood had 500 members and held various daily leaderboard positions.

Joining and Membership

At its highest point, the guild had 500 members. This was due to the fact that anybody was allowed in and automatically given the rank of Officer. However, this caused issues. New members could be kicked between the time they join and the time that Richard comes online and gives them the rank of Officer. If an Officer misbehaved, nobody else could kick him except Richard, causing too much power to be centralized to the Guildmaster.


The New Brood, at its peak, held the #40 spot on the daily leaderboards for Most Enemies Killed, along with other positions in Ships Sunk and Blackjack Hands Won. However, this ended up being short-lived, much like the guild was. No screenshots of the leaderboards with The New Brood on them were ever taken.

Known Wiki Members


POTCO The New Brood Advertisement!

POTCO The New Brood Advertisement!

The New Brood Invades Kingshead

The New Brood Invades Kingshead

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