Norway was in a state where it was torn into the Kalmar Union and Sweden. Many battles took place and wars chose who would take the known country. After the Kalmar Union won they chose their first king to be "King Jacob Goldshot". The rightful queen was "Queen Elizabeth Goldshot." Norway was also prosperous at this time bringing in new cultures and new ideas to the new country.


Diplomatic Relations


  • Capitol: Oslo.
  • Current Army rate: 500,000.
  • Population: 4,885,240.
  • Size: 148,747 square miles.
  • Politics: Absolute Monarchy.

Royal Family

  • King and Emperor of Norway - Kwagar Ocata

Leading Government Members


  • Minister of Culture and Religion - Open
  • Minister of Defense - Open
  • Minister of Research - Open
  • Minister of Finance - Open
  • Minister of Fisheraies and Coastal Affairs - Open
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Christopher
  • Minister of Justice and the Police - Tyler Crossbones
  • Minister of Labor - Open
  • Minister of Local Governments - Open
  • Minister of Trade and Industry - Open
  • Minster of Transportation and Communication - Open
  • Minister of War - Open
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