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Have you ever wanted to collect something? User:Edgar Wildrat asked that to himself and realized..... I WILL COLLECT NOSES! Feel free to add your own. Make sure to say whos nose it is though!

-speaks like Willy Wonka- Before you see my beatiful creations I must go over some rules: No testing (Ya um not possible) No telling (DONT STEAL MY IDEAS PLS :P) No Tasting (You need help with Mental Health if you break that rule!)

The Noses

We apologize for the last picture being deleted by unknown admin(s)

How it all started

Edgar Wildrat saw Zeke. HE was shaven and wore no hat and Edgar noticed his curved nose. AND SO IT BEGAN!!!

The Most Wanted Noses

  1. Captian Leon's nose
  2. Ned Yellowbeard's nose
  3. A crooked nose
  4. Every Admins Nose. Missing:Kat,Cur,Shade,Shadow (YOU CANNOT RUN!!!!),Jzfredskins,Goldvane, Tama John Breasly, Jack Pistol,GenLawrence,etc
  5. Hippie of The Paradox
  6. Senor De Muerte aka Samuel Redbeards o_o

The Nose Collectors

Prince Edgar Wildrat of England ~ Founder/Leader

Stpehen ~ Founder

Tama63 ~ Member

The Hermit ~ Member

Cherie ~ Member

Georgie Pordgie ~ Member

Want to join? Just ask! We the Nose Collectors would appreciate it if someone made two userboxes: One saying This User Collects Noses! Another saying This User's Nose is in the Nose Collection!

Our Official Video

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Our Quote


Some Reactions

Well, I don't really tell everyone I collected there nose but:

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