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==Forein Relations==
==Foreign Relations==
Government of Sicily - Ally
Government of Spain - Ally

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640px-Alleged flag of the Rhine Confederation 1806-13.svg

"Wir leben unter unseren Dame."

The Confedation of the Rhine (Rheinbund) is a confederation of the combined German states in MCEmpires. Led by the honorable Prince Waglington, the Confederation is a Theocratic Monarchy, and its Prince answers only to Lady Ianite.

The Confederation's national religion is Ianitism and a grand majority of its people worship Lady Ianite. The capital of the Confederacy is the Holy City of Ianarea, also where the council of German states meet. Decisions in the Confederacy are made by the Council which is led by Prince Waglington who has final say in all matters.

The confederation of the rhine flag map by ltangemon-d5eu0h2

Coa of the german confederation napoleonic by tiltschmaster-d6xpg6m

Controlled Territories

Many many many small German states.


  • German
  • Italian

Foreign Relations

Government of Spain - Ally

Government Type

Theocratic Monarchy

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