The Olympians is a guild made by Peter Wildsilver on 10/21/2010.It is a war guild that is starting to grow.The Guild mater is also a minor member of th 5th Bretheren Court.If you would like to join post your name below.


Peter Wildsilver-Ruler

William Darkbones- vice ruler

Cason- 1st Leuitenet

Peter Redgrim-2nd leiutenet


  • Ground Commander-Must have lvl 20 or up sword and be a high lvl-
  • Ground Officer-Lvl 15 sword and be 25 or more noterity
  • Ground elite-lvl 15 sword lvl 15 gun and lvl 15 dagger
  • Ground Trooper-lvl 5 sword and lvl 5 gun


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