The Opressor's Will is a small, but extremely deadly ship. It is wanted by the EITC, and the Navy for high seas piracy. Its crew sails under the Black Curse Flag, meaning they are sword pirates.

The Crew

Gunner Redding

Thomas Redding, gunner aboard The Opressor's Will is a wanted felon for every single crime a pirate can commit. He even told the Navy before killing them that he has commited every pirate crime there is.

Gunner Richardson

Mitchell "Mitch" Richardson is the exact opposite of Redding. He was raised in a wealthy family, but when he had everything, he lost it all gambling at the poker tables. His only possessions are as follows: His rusty cutlass, his compass, his clothes and his beloved tattoos.

Master Gunner Wrigth

Goliath Wrigth is a classic reminder of Old Sooty to all pirates. He is short, fat and talks about cannons all day. You couldn't even shut him up about cannons if you have him an entire crateful of sausage (his favorite food). No matter what, he will talk about cannons forever.

Pilot Smith

Johnny Smith is th pilot. He steers as the navigator says, of course the captain can always say otherwise. He is a regular sailor. You'd never think he is a pirate just by looking at him, for that you would have to get to know him.

Navigator Dee

Claiming to be a long lost cousin to John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I's spy, astrologer, scientist and magician, Dee was formerly a French privateer until the captain persuaded him to coem and be his navigator on The Opressor's Will.

William Mccastle

Captain William Mccastle, owner and captain of The Opressor's Will, usually either sleeps, cannons, drinks or gives orders. He commands over his crew with a firm fist, and they don't dare disobey him. Every Saturday night they'd stop at a deserted island, get drunk and fall asleep singing pirate sea shanties. That tradition was William's biggest contribution to the ship and her crew!

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