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The Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Guild Page

About The Guild

We are a guild that likes to do lots of guild events and genrally have fun. We do PvP, SvS, Plunder-Trips, Blade-Hunts, group leveling and much more! Our current guildmaster is Jack Pistol.

  • Member: 115
  • Members under level 20: +-20 most of which are alternates or veteran basic players of the game.
  • True Masters: 1
  • Masters: 8
  • Level 40+ Members: +-20
  • Level 30+ Members: Majority

Painico imperiale The Order of Nautillus is a member of The Order of Nautillus!

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Notable Members
  • Jack Pistol - Acting GM
  • Nicholas Nikolai/Il Natuillea - Founding GM
  • Edward Winsill - Highly trusted friend

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Guild History


March - June

The guild was created on the 28th of March 2011 by Nicholas Nikolai. The two founders were Telltalini Family members,Nicholas Nikolai and Jack Pistol, who were inbetween guilds at the time. They started the guild while out looting for cursed blades.

With in a few hours of it's creation the managed to invite many loyal friends and strangers that would later become loyal. They made an alliance with a good friend's guild, The Red Resistance, lead by Samuel Firehawk.

They were recruiting on Padres after an invasion one day when another guildmaster of Walker's Assassins began to run the guild down and convince people to join him instead. PVP war was declared and Nautillus won the first battle she ever engaged in. Nicholas went to Abassa to recruit allies for the war against Walker's Assassins, as Nautillus was still fairly small compared to Walker's. One of the allies he made was INFERNO. Eventually the war with Walker's died down and Nautillus got back to recruiting.

One of the places they recruited was Abassa. This caught the attention of INFERNO. INFERNO started acting rudely and insulted Nautillus' integrity so war was declared. Nicholas recruited allies for the AAIG (Alliance of Anti INFERNO Guilds) and they began meeting at Nautillus' other allies HQ, Fort Charles Fragilles.

Because Nautillus was allied with The Red Resistance at the time they got thrown into war with the EITC. The EITC was beginning to attack the Reds' HQ, Fort Charles Fragilles and Nautillus retaliated. One day the EITC attacked Nautillus specifically at the HQ and Nautillus immediately requested aid from the AAIG. The Battle of Telltale HQ took place and Nautillus and the AAIG were victorious.

After the battle certain Reds soldiers wanted to drive Nautillus and the AAIG out of their HQ eventhough they had just saved their HQ. Samuel Firehawk couldn't control all his men and so the alliance ended and Nautillus left. Nautillus made new allies with North and eventually all wars cooled down and were ended.

Nautillus became very inactive for a while because the GM grew tired of the game until he left leaving Jack Pistol in charge. Nautillus is currently rebuilding her strength and accepting new members.

June - August

Miss Telltale and Nicholas Nikolai left the game and the guild was put in the charge of Jack Pistol. Jack managed to rebuild the guild to an extent and also recruited the current Head Officer and in-game Prince of England, Prince Edgar Wildrat of England.

Jack and Edgar worked on the guild slowly and made some great new ideas and contributions to the guild. The City of IL Nautillea was built and the Order of Nautillus Infamy System was created.

We recently welcomed King John Breasly, Lord Matthew Blastshot and Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan to our guild.

Not long after King John joined, members of The Paradox ( most importantly Pearson ) started to harass him and attempt to blackmail him. The people of the order do not stand for such actions against a member of the guild and friend of the guild! The Nautiileans didn't hesitate to declare war and take any actions necessary to support, John. The Order will support John, to the full extent of our power, in the hopes to end Pearson's tyranny.

The Order made an alliance with the EITC against The Paradox and Sir Carlos Clemente.

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Guild Policies

Guild News

  • King John Breasly, Lord Matthew Blastshot and Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan all joined the guild today ( perhaps temporarily for some ).
  • War has been declared on The Paradox and their allies.
  • A party will be hosted this saturday in City of IL Nautillea to commemorate our retired guildmaster's birthday.


  • No Spamming
  • No Teleporting without permission
  • No excessive drama
  • No asking for a promotion


Standard Guild Uniform

  • Steel Conquistador
  • Adventure Long Coat
  • Dark Grey Sack Vest
  • Saint Patricks Shirt or any white shirt
  • Any matching belt
  • Valentine's Breeches or any black pants
  • Any black boots

Royalty Guild Uniform

  • Black Bicorne
  • Black Gold Long Coat
  • Dark Yellow Sack Vest
  • Saint Patricks Shirt or any white shirt
  • Any matching belt
  • Side Stripe Breeches
  • Error, No Name Boots

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Guild Ranks

Table of Ranks
Imperator Guildmaster Supreme Judge Grand Marshal Navy Marshal
Consul Co-Guildmaster High Judge General Flag Admiral
Imperial Lord Head Officer Judge Brigadier General Admiral
Lord Senior Officer Lawyer Colonel Navy Colonel
Duke Officer Ambassador Commander Commodore
Count Head Veteran Head of Trade Lieutenant Captain
Governor Senior Veteran Trader Sergeant Navy Officer
Landlord Veteran Merchant Corporal Midshipman
Resident Member Tax Collector Cadet Envoy

Note: Just because one rank is next to another does not mean they are equal, a member's rank in each branch depends on their skill in that branch and will not determine their rank in another.

Officer's Council


  • Jack Pistol - Guildmaster
  • Nicholas Nikolai/Il Nautuilea - Retired Guildmaster
  • Edgar Wildrat - Head Officer
  • Jack Shipwrecker - Senior Officer
  • Justinee - Senior Officer
  • Grace - Senior Officer
  • Erika - Senior Officer
  • Victoria Wolfsbane - Senior Officer
  • Jack Swordshot - Senior Officer
  • Edward Winsill - Officer
  • Emily Winsill - Officer
  • Fester Foulrage - Officer
  • Gustov De Riviera - Officer
  • Joseph Firesteel - Officer
  • May - Officer
  • Michael Mikiciuk - Officer
  • Leon Scurvyswine - Officer
  • Samuel Cannoncutter - Officer
  • Signora Miss de Firenze - Officer


The purpose of the Officer’s Council is to ensure the smooth running of the guild while the acting guildmaster or leader is absent and to ensure that all decisions be made by the officers as a whole instead of one officer who might make decisions in their best interests and not that of the guild.


The Officer's Council holds usually holds weekly meetings with the guildmaster to discuss the state of the guild and make important decisions. When the guildmaster is offline the Head Officer leads the council in important decisions.

Important decisions such as war, alliances etc. require a 2/3 vote of the Officer's Council. Unless the Head Master has declared that he will be absent for a while or he is not on and it is extremely urgent he must be one of the voters. At least two senior officers must have voted as well. A total of 5 officers inclufding the Head Officer and two Senior Officers must vote before the decision can be passed.

If there is an absence of enough Senior Officers and the Head Officer a guild wide vote will be held with all online members. At least 8 members must vote including 2-3 officers in this instance.

Veteran's Congress


  • Basil Plundermorgan - Head Veteran
  • Brandon - Senior Veteran
  • Captain Cody - Senior Veteran
  • Captin Jeremy - Senior Veteran
  • Addison O'Riley - Veteran
  • Adrian - Veteran
  • Amelia Bluebones - Veteran
  • Angel - Veteran
  • Angel Badmorris - Veteran
  • Angel Fireskull - Veteran
  • Barren The Great - Veteran
  • Bart - Veteran
  • Bartholomew Helmwash - Veteran
  • Bladefury - Veteran
  • Captin William - Veteran
  • Darkrose - Veteran
  • David Goldgrim - Veteran
  • David Irsonskull - Veteran
  • Dirtydiverjones - Veteran
  • Edgar Wildrat (Noob) - Veteran
  • Emily Seafury - Veteran
  • Enb - Veteran
  • Eric Darkfury - Veteran
  • Eric Firecrash - Veteran
  • Eric Goldhound - Veteran
  • Freebooter (Edagr Wildrat) - Veteran
  • George Squidhawk - Veteran
  • Henry Pillagewash - Veteran
  • Isaac O'Neill - Veteran
  • Isaiah Mcsmythe - Veteran
  • Jack Calico - Veteran
  • Jack Darkcutter - Veteran
  • Jack Sharkswine - Veteran
  • Jack Stormspinner - Veteran
  • Jason Hullpratt - Veteran
  • Jason Sternfish - Veteran
  • Jeremiah Pillagemorris - Veteran
  • Jeremiah Rigswain - Veteran
  • Jim Deckmonk - Veteran
  • Johnny Warbutler - Veteran
  • Joseph Blastskull - Veteran
  • Joseph Plunderskull - Veteran
  • Leon - Veteran
  • Leon Brown - Veteran
  • Leon Ironfoote - Veteran
  • Leon Lockshot - Veteran
  • Macnuggett - Veteran
  • Marc Silva - Veteran
  • Mark Lockfoote - Veteran
  • Mosh Ron Skull - Veteran
  • Nate Irongrin - Veteran
  • Nathaniel Daggerskull - Veteran
  • Reese Storm Bringer - Veteran
  • Richard - Veteran
  • Roger Gunhazzard - Veteran
  • Roger Ironwalker - Veteran
  • Sam Chipmonk - Veteran
  • Sam Creststeel - Veteran
  • Sam Warrage - Veteran
  • Samuel Treasuregull - Veteran
  • Sarah Birdsilver - Veteran
  • Solomin Bridgegull - Veteran
  • Solomon Sharkeagle - Veteran
  • Thomas Gunbreaker - Veteran
  • Tobias Warbreaker - Veteran
  • William Scurvywrecker - Veteran
  • William Seabones - Veteran
  • William Swordward - Veteran

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Guild Sovereignity


Capitol Province

  • Port Royal: State Capitol, Governmental Capitol and Provincial Capitol
    • Governor's Mansion: Island Capitol, Political Headquarters and Governmental Departments
    • Fort Charles: Island Base of Armed Operations and Military Baracks
    • Royal Caverns: Nautillean Mines
    • Town Area: Commercial Area

  • Padres Del Fuego (City of IL Nautillea): State and Provincial Military and Naval Capitol and Residential Area
    • Fort Dundee: Province and Island Base of Armed Operations
    • Town Area: Commercial and Residential Area
    • Beckett's Quarry: Nautillean Mines
    • The Catacombs: Telltale Sacred Land

  • Raven's Cove: State Island and Residential Area
    • Senor Fantifico: Island Capitol
    • El Patron's Mines: Nautillean Mines
    • Island Plateau: Island Base of Armed Operations
    • Town Area: Commercial and Residential Area

  • Tortuga: State Residential Capitol and State Commercial Capitol
    • Town Area: Commercial and Residential Area
    • Tortuga Graveyard: Telltale Sacred Land

  • Devil's Anvil: State Legislative Capitol
    • Barbossa's Grotto: Nautillean Courtroom


State Province

  • Port Royal: Provincial Capitol and Provincial Base of Armed Operations
    • Governor's Mansion: Provincial Governmental Capitol and Island Capitol
    • Fort Charles: Provincial Base of Armed Operations and Military Base of Anti-Paradox Alliance
    • Town Area: Commercial and Residential Area

  • Raven's Cove: State Island and Residential Area
    • Senor Fantifico: Island Capitol
    • Island Plateau: Island Base of Armed Operations
    • Town Area: Commercial and Residential Area

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Public Relations




  • England
  • Russia

Political Figures

Political Figures

If you would like to make an alliance please ask in comments.



  • Germany Co.: Defeated; All remaining physical properties and sovereignity have been claimed in the name of Nautillus.
  • The Paradox and allies - Arrogant and you know the rest


  • Spain

Political Figures

  • Pearson Wright and followers

Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale


Thank you, for reading!


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