• Our Guilds Coat of Arms
  • Fight QAR with guild members
  • guild glare line
  • Guild Pvp In which Dan stole 4 of Davys Kills XD


The Outbreak is a guild founded by Davy Gunfish on July 21, 1744. It is the official guild of Japan. There are currently 16 members in it. Join us by using our invite code: UWUE5223


Davy Gunfish - Guildmaster

Dandandragon - Officer - 2nd in Command ( Share Rank With Skull Catcher ) - Co Gm

Skull Catcher - Officer - 2nd in Command ( Share Rank With Dandandragon )

Sam Burnsteal - Veteran

Liz Coalhazzard - Veteran

Chris Goldshot - Member

Freebooter - Member

Jack - Veteran

James Ironsteal - Member

Halle - Officer

Jack Dreadvane - Officer

Revolution - Officer

Tom - Officer

Christopher Goldsteal - Member

Fishin Tony - Veteran

Love Spell - Member

Isac S. Fibbingtonmcfibbing - Officer

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