The Outlanders were a group of adventurers who operated in Aquila. Hailing from all corners of the world, the Outlanders rose to stardom after defeating villains such as Kastor and Herobrine, and cemented themselves as figures of legend with their triumphs over the Knights Thash and the reanimated Mad King.

Member Biographies

Cannonwalker - TBA


  • Age: Unknown; late teens
  • Weapon(s): Dagger; fists; words
  • Place of origin: Pauper, Voshe
  • Biography: Born the son of a writer and mailman in an inland slum, Zoomer powered through the mire that was his early life and developed a need to help others in what little ways he could.

Ned Edgewalker - TBA

Sam Darkwalker - TBA


Over the years, the Outlanders have made alliances with a number of individuals they trust. These associates often lend their help in any way they can when they are available, but are not considered part of the main four.


  • Age: 29
  • Weapon(s): Crossbow; potions; alchemy
  • Place of origin: Sforzando, Audax
  • Biography: The son of two wealthy nobles, Lithium abandoned his past and used his unique set of skills to fight back against the forces of evil alongside the Outlanders.
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