The Outlandish Raid of Fort Charles was a raid on the British Fort Charles executed by

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 The Outlanders. The raid on Fort Charles occured on June 1, 1746 after a few words from Outlander Richard Raidrage hyped the guild up to raid Fort Charles. The raid occured in the Vachira Oceans, beginning sometime between approximately 2:30-2:45 PM and ending, approximately, sometime around 3:15.

Over the course of the raid, The Outlanders killed numerous Navy and EITC soldiers, including EITC Grunt Zachariah Sharp. In addition to killing various Navy and EITC men, the group also burned various arrest warrants (including a few belonging to members of their guild) and debt records. Although the Navy and EITC suffered many casualties, lost various arrest and death warrants, and potentially lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost debt records, The Outlanders walked out of the raid with no casualties and only two injured men, neither of which were fatally or badly hurt.

The Outlanders had finished sinking a few EITC ships earlier that day and decided to dock at Port Royal. After going about their business, Outlander Richard Raidrage suggested that they raid the island's fort. There was a large amount of approval from the rest of the guild, so they decided that said raid would be.

Commanding Officers:

  • Richard Cannonwalker
  • Solomon Plankfoote

Regular Participants:

  • Bryce
  • Benjamin Bravecastle
  • Wesker
  • James Gunspark
  • Thomas Bravebones
  • Shadow


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