The Capital of Austria on the west side of the City of Vienna.

Building It

It was a gift to Hannah and Ryan Blademonk from the Romanian Prime Minister/Temporary King Basil Galifizois Peter Michael Brawlmonk IV. It was to celebrate being allied for so long. She did not have a palace, so Basil offered to help build one. It took 15 years to complete.

Opening To Hannah And Ryan

It opened March 8, 1746, for Hannah and Ryan to move into.

The Palace/Images

The Austrian Guards outside protecting the Palace at all times. Their are 1000 more

Her Majesty & His Majesties Castles front view

The Dungeon....

The Small Lake 2 miles behind the castle (in Hannahs Property)

Guest Bedroom

Ryan Blademonks Bedroom

The Back decks view of the Emergency Exit of the Dining Hall, and the Fountain of Peace

The Lakes Waterfall

Royal Dining Hall

Hannah and Ryan's main garden

Forest Path. that leads to the lake


Hannah Bluefeathers Bedroom

Ancient Bath house reconstructed on the 3rd level below the main level

Wine Cellar on the lowest level 100 feet below the ground

Servants Quarters

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