Hi its John Macbatten and this is my new ANTI EITC guild THE PALLADINS everyone is an officer, im the GM.

People if you want leon dead, THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, This guild is anti eitc we will FIGHT FOR PIRATES RIGHTS! But for this too happen, i need loyal people to join!!!!!! You will be called a Palladin, and get ranks a userbox will also be created for Palladins, so please JOIN! i need loyal people!!!! I promise if i get people this will be the next big thing, all you need is a couple of loyal men :)

Here's the code to join Code: PSEY4756

PLEASE JOIN IF U WANT EITC TO DIE (A palladin guild has never failed btw so please dont let this one fail:)

Also, comment if you want to be allies, meet me or anything else :) Have a nice day.

John macbatten 20:42, April 26, 2011 (UTC)John Macbatten GM of The Palladins

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