Persian Flag

Persian Flag

The Persian Government is a government that has has been helping the EITC by building war ships and has earned a huge profit by doing so. They have also been war ship suppliers for various governments international. Lord Robert passed down his power of leadership to Robert Shipstealer, new leader of the Persian Government.


  • More suppliers to come!

Co Alliance The Persian Government is a(n)/the ally in the Co. Alliance Govenment!
India-flag-1- (55x37) The Persian Government is a member of the The Official Government of West-India!
800px-Flag of Persia (2).svg-1- (55x18) The Persian Government is a(n)/the ally of the The Persian Government!


The Persian's have been designing war ships that have many powerful cannons and various weapons. They have also created the feared Ship of the Line warships. They have supplied ships to it's allies and have sold many of these warships to the EITC, pirates and many rich investors. Their warriors have also been a great help in training feared assassins and Black Guard if necessary. These warriors can also take down the feared Undead Reaper that have roamed around for a while. Since Robert Shipstealer has become leader then they have created many more war vessels and have designed more ships than ever before.

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