The Pirate Guerilla' Flag

A New Begining...

Captain William Daggerskull was angry that he had to let Liberty [Empire] die... but then he found a new hope! He made "The Pirate Guerilla". He's planning the tactics: they are an assortment of hit-and-run and Guerilla tactics. Not enough news to put on yet, but he hopes it'll be more successful than its predecessor, "The Liberty Empire", at taking down all Navy and EITC forces.

However, for mysterious reasons, the guild has been reduced to a single member, its guildmaster Dragon Fist.


Type: Anti-EITC/Navy, pro-Piracy, Revolutionary, Anarchy

Government: Anarchy

Chant: Long Live Revolution! Spanish: Larga Revolucion Live!

Motto: Power To The People, Not To The Pacifists (EITC)!, Spanish: Energia A La Gente, No A Los Pascifists Del Trabajo (EITC)!


Guildmaster: Captain William Daggerskull

Second-In-Command: Jason Raidcrash

General Of Navy: Billy Darkbutler

Leader Of Spy Program:

Foreign Affairs:

Chief Of Secret Police:

Dept. Of Defense:

The Rest of the Guild are either Officers,Veterans, or Members... depending on their Satus!


Enemies: The Co. Empire and allies, EITC Black Sharks, United Empire, Council of Elders, CIG, British Parliament, Francis Brigade, Beckett's Army, Twisted Dragon, Eternal Royal Elites.

How are we your enemies? The CIG and 5th Brethren Court are pro -pirate, especially the latter. And BP is just legislation. Can't we be united by a common enemy?

~ Jack Swordmenace, King of the 5th Brethren Court

See Jack we can't trust in these random pirate guerillas.

-Ned Sharksilver supreme general of Mercenary Inc. and no im not eitc.


These are some alternative or related flags:

It's time for a Revolution! This flag symbolizes that the Guild will not tolerate getting ruled over and that the 'Power belongs to the People'! Larga Revolucion Live, Long Live Revolution!


A more modern symbol of Piracy.

Anti-EITC 3

A cut-up, graffitied-on EITC flag posting a promise.

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