How It Started


The main school building on Port Royal.

On September 29, 1744 (2011), the Port Royal School of Law was founded by First Lord Johnny Coaleaston of the East India Trading Company. Lord Coaleaston believed that the Caribbean needed lawyers to take part in cases involving the law, and that educated men were rare in those days. He began ordering stone masons and architects to begin the building. After three months, they finally finished, and the school was ready. Now students from all over the Caribbean are coming to earn a degree in Law.


House of Defense

This house is for students who would prefer to learn how to be a Lawyer of the Defendant, and who want to defend suspects in court. These students take a course from September 30 to August 15, and can earn a graduates degree with an average of a B+ or higher and must attend school for four eight semesters.

House of Offense

This house is for students that would prefer to bring on cases, and support a case. These students will learn how to give evidence, bring on every needed point for a case, and more. The course time for this house is a bit different then the House of Defense, because these students attend school from September 30 to July 31, and require a B or higher average to graudate, and must attend school for nine semesters.

Staff and Faculty

If you wish to apply for a faculty position, please apply in the comments.

  • Headmaster - Johnny Coaleaston
  • Assistant Headmaster - Matthew O' Malley

Teachers of Defense

  • Dean - Open
  • Professor of Military Cases - Cad Bane
  • Professor of Economical Cases - Open

Teachers of Offense

  • Dean - Prince Eric Ironvan (Captain Leon) of England
  • Professor of Military Cases - Maxamillion
  • Professor of Economical Cases - Open


If you wish to enroll for this coming school year, please apply in the comments.

  • Princess Emily Mcsteel
  • Roger Decksteel
  • Samantha Goldshot - Graduated
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