This is a page where you can add and share your memorable screenshots from your time on PotCO. When you do, create a new "Heading 2" section of the page with your name and add whatever screenshots you think are memorable enough. They can have some kind of sentimental value to you, like maybe it's your first screenshot or a screenshot of you with a friend who's quit, or it can be a downright funny screenshot of yours.  Remember to caption your screenshots and overall have fun with this little project.


  1. Create your own section for your own screenshots. Use the "Heading 2" font for the section header.
  2. Put your screenshots in a gallery. In order to do this, go to the right and go to the section "Add features and media." From there, click "gallery" and you're on your way.
  3. Only put your wiki name and/or main game name as the header title. Don't add too many as well, as they become redundant and annoying and may confuse some.
  4. Don't add your screenshots to the sections of others. Should be self-explanitory.
  5. Add screenshots if you're gonna make your own section. Should be self-explanitory.
  6. Add captions to your screenshots. Should be self-explanitory.

Kat Truewalker - Grim Englishmen/Grim Mercenaries

Richard Cannonwalker/Nults McKagan

Bill Plunderbones/Tew/Jay (Bill2222/24601)


Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)

William Shoresmythe

X Jumper

Sir Hawke

EmpressBluefeather31/Hannah Bluefeather


Keira Kinover-Mar

Pictures from most recent to oldest!

Ned Edgewalker

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