The Queen Kayla's Revenge is a replica of The Queen Anne's Revenge and was employed by Captain Jim Logan.

Queen Anne's Revenge
The Queen Kayla's Revenge
Career information
Port of registry

Port Royal


Captain Jim Logan,( 7 yrs) Kitty Logan(30 yrs+)


Captain Jim Logan

Notable crewmembers

Kayla Silverfox Logan

The Kliq



Kayla Silverfox Logan

Laura Smith(Brief)

Arabella_Smith(Brief) Grace Goldtimbers)

Technical information

Frigate[1] Fully Rigged Battleship


Possibly 20 knots(under the dark magic sails)


100 cannons[2] 2(known(around 100 secret

Greek fire cannons [1]

None so far


Crew of the Queen Kayla's Revenge


In December 1744, Jim Logan scanned The Queen Anne's Revenge(Along with The Sword of Triton) as part of a deal he made with Captain Hector Barbossa, 2 months later, Jim would create an exact replica of the Revenge and rechristianed it The Queen Kayla's Revenge. Jim would bring his family on board as a vacation trip around the Caribbean(and France) and The Kliq would be named Quarter Master. Later Jim would make Anamaria his first mate.

Second Voyage

After Kayla Silverfox Logan left Jim and Kitty, Rouge and Laura to deal with a 'Family Emergancy' Jim took the kids on a trip around the world. During this time, he would have Anamaria his First Mate. He would also meet Laura Smith and Arabella Smith, among others.

Final Voyage under Captain Jim Logan

Jim would have the final voyage of this ship and would travel around the Caribbean and after the final voyage, Jim would put it in storage in Port Royal. Jim as Grand Admiral of the Navy put over 200 Navy Guards to protect the ship

Later Life

Kitty Logan's ship

Later in life Jim would sold his daughter Kitty Logan The Queen Kayla's Revenge and Kitty would have all her siblings Co-Captain it. Kitty would later rename it The Queen Kitty's Revenge.

The ships ultimate fate is unknown

It is likely Kitty gave rights to one of her children

Other Apperances

This ship will appear in the sequel to The Logan Family Saga. The Logans will use this as their primary ship. This ship would replace The Shadow Pearl


Although this is a replica of the Queen Anne's Revenge, The Queen Kayla's Revenge was made to be stronger than the original with far more Greek Fire Cannons.

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