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Port royal to England. set sails bye feb 23 1745. tickets are now being sold

About the Cannonshot

The Cannonshot is one of the largest and fastest man made wooden ships in the world. For speed the masts have over 300 knots and for the steam engine has 500 knots. It has many security cannons to insure the ship is safe from pirates. Sorry but we cannot tell you how many cannons we have aboard the Cannonshot.

Owner Signature 22
Designer of the Ship Signature 22
Captain open
First Mate
Head chef Davy Badbones - King of Colors
Master of arms
First Class officer

Albert Spark (with no awesome signature)

Second Class officer

Lord Jason Blademorgan Of The West Union Trading Co

Third Class officer Open
Officer Open


Band Members
Lead violin player Samantha Bralmartin
second lead violin player Lawrence Daggerpaine
Violin player Open
Violin player Open

First Class Bedrooms

Royal Staircase

Welcome to the Royal Staircase. This is the place to be seen if you want to be a true nobelmen. This is where a high society of Europeans and Americans will be most likely to be "hanging" out. The Royal Staircase has a one of a kind dome to make you feel like you really belong here. When you are at the Royal Staircase you will see 3 Decks when you look up and down. Theres an A deck, B deck, C deck, D deck, E deck and G deck.

C deck - First class dinning room

First classes dinning room
Cannon dining room

Cannon dinning room

The Cannon dinning room is for the first class members that want to injoy tea and maybe cheese cake when they see a nice view of the ocean.
Dinning room

First class dinning room


Nobles of England eating with a fine conversation

This is the main first class dinning room. This is were nobles of England will be most lickely eating at.

Breakfast dinning room

The breakfast dinning hall is were only breakfast is only served lol! This type of dinning room only opens at 5:00 - 11:00 am.

The Cannonshot food/drinks menue

If you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passanger you can only buy the things on the menue for the type of class you are in.



  • 1st class

Butter milk pancake

  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class

Oatmeal with donut

  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class


  • 1st class
  • 2nd class

Tuna with eggs with a side of lemons

  • 1st class

Chcolete pie

  • 1st class
  • 2nd class


  • 1st class
C 9


  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class

Rum and Red wine

  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class
Fine China


  • 1st class

First class "Mens" lounge

This lounge if ment for men only to get away from kudies from girls o_______o. This lounge is decorated with redish wood, english carpet and French furniture in the early 1700s. This lounge has it's own fireplace and has a decorated roof. The lounge opens at 4:00 am - 12:00 am. For you guys there alot of wine and rum for you men that want to say "FINALY IM AWAY FROM MY WIFE!" or "HUZZA MOTHERS NOT HERE FINALY I CAN GET A LIFE NOW!! XD!"

First class music

Enterance to the dining room

For the first class passangers they get a suthing music of violine and piano. Our muscians also play dinner music for you chitter chatter people at the first class dinning room.

thumb|left|400pxthumb|left|363px|the inside thumb|left|500px|cannonshot cruise

thumb|left|402px|Tour of the grand stair case


2nd and 3rd class bedrooms

There bedrooms are not to be seen by the aye of the middle or lower classes but I asure you that the rooms are sofisticated then those ugly garbadge houses that hobos lives in.

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