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The ranger corps are an elite unit of EITC soldiers and a branch of the Black Coats again, this organization/guild is founded and led by commander stallion. The Corps were made as an intelligence unit and enforcers of the law many members of the black coats are also members of the Corps as well.

clothes and weapons

the corps wear a variety of clothes but most will wear a black or green long coat, a cavalier hat or scoundrel hat, dark pants of any sort and dark boots.

weapons used also varied but trainers/officers in the organization say they prefer to operate using muskets and bayonets,knifes,and swords.


there are a few ranks in the corps

  • commandant - leader/ current leader: stallion
  • general: note: all members except for stallion are top secret
  • lieutenant
  • sergeant
  • corporal
  • captain
  • private
  • apprentice(technically this is not a rank)


team six- keeps watch all over the caribbean

squad 2- watches quiet servers like galaria,lempona, and hassigos team 18- intelligence unit

squad 24- the most common troopers seen, plainclothed officers

squad 6 (not team six) - intelligence unit

more teams will be added soon!

if you woud like to be part of the corps and are not part of the black coats please message piratedude4 aka stallion to get a meeting place and time ready


if you would like to make a buisness deal with our secondary line of duty as redicoulously expensive and professional assassin/ mercenarys we are open to jobs please leave your job, the targets level, and payout in the comments, or if it is of high importance message me (for those who do not know, Piratedude4) and we will consider it and reply to you when we have decided (usually takes a day at the most because most members myself included are friends in reality)