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The Royal Navy of Great Britain & Ireland is the navy of the British Empire. It is the largest and strongest navy in the world, with the next following (Spanish) unable to match the size and prowess of the navy. The Royal Navy has been a conquering force, a peace-keeping tool, and a path-finder to many strange new lands. Always serving the Empire, the Royal Navy has rarely tasted defeat in it's long-lasting life. If you should ever find yourself aboard a vessel that is enemy to the British Empire, you would do best to pray to whatever god you have.


Ship Statistics

Personnel Statistics

Royal Navy Information Recorded Information
Total Ships 922 Battle-ready warships
Total Naval Personnel active 738,550
Total Naval Personnel Reserve 68,000
Naval Personnel 578,175
Marine Personnel 150,375

Ships & Ship Types

Ship Type (Class)
  1. in Navy
  1. of Guns
Men per Vessel

Ship of the Line Heavy.jpg

Ship of the Line (Heavy 1st, 2nd Rate)

63 80 - 102 220 - 260

Ship of the Line Light.jpg

Ship of the Line (Light 3rd, 4th Rate)

98 56 - 72 150 - 200

Frigate Royal Navy1.jpg

Frigates (Fifth and Sixth rate )

172 24 - 50 90 -140

East Indiaman vessel.jpg


Merchant Vessels (East Indiaman & Galleons)

147 12 - 68 20 - 128

See images of Frigate, Brig, and Galleon

Post Ships ( Small Sixth rate and lower)

132 11 -38 48 - 13


Sloops (all classes)

109 6 - 24 30 - 120




Brig/Cutter/Schooner (Below Sixth rate)

201 8 - 32 10-80

Gallery of Royal Navy Paintings

Ship Types

The Royal Navy has a wide variety of ship-types under her belt.

Ship Type Amount Men per Vessel
Ship of the Line (all classes) 93 320-850
Frigates (all classes) 189 200-300
Post Ships (all classes) 98 140-160
Sloops (all classes) 221 90-125
Gun-brig/Cutter/Schooner (all classes) 289 10-80

The Board of Admiralty

The Board of Admiralty is a group of admirals/former admirals who are, simply put, in-charge of the Navy and it's affairs (under restrictions laid down by the government, of course). The men and women on the Board of Admiralty are war-hardened veterans, and do not back down from fights.

First Lord of the Admiralty

The First Lord of the Admiralty is the high-commanding-officer of the Board of Admiralty. Every battle, skirmish, refueling, or otherwise military process performed by the Navy is ran through him. The First Lord of the Admiralty is currently Lord Nathaniel Joseph Garland I, more commonly known as Sven Daggersteel.

Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are a branch of the Royal Navy that are specially trained to fight on land, or during a boarding. They were instated in early 1745 by Johnathan Francis Anthony O'Reilly I.

HCO's of the Royal Navy

First Lord of the Admiralty Nathaniel Joesph Garland I (Sven Daggersteel)

First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy - Maxamillion Beckett 

Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy - Blake Stewart

Third Sea Lord of the Royal Navy - James Goldtimbers 

Fourth Sea Lord of the Royal Navy - Jack Stormrage 


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Head of Navy's Staff

~To be added by Sven Daggersteel~



Red Cap/Diplomat Hat

Swabbie Shirt

Plain Cotton Highwaters

Weapon of Choice: Flintlock Pistol, Rusty Cutlass


High Wing Hat/Diplomat Hat

Evening Jacket

Plain Linen Cotton Long Sleve

Carpenter Vest

Any Belt

Plain Cotton Highwaters

Any Dark Boots

Weapon of Choice:Any Bayonet, Any Cutlass


Admiral Hat/Diplomat Hat

Fleet Long Coat

Dark Yellow Sack Vest

Plain Linen Long Sleve

Carpenter Vest/Plain Embellished Vest

Plain Cotten Highwaters

Red Trim Boots/ Any Dark Boots

Weapon of Choice: Any Sabre, Any Pistol


Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you wish for peace, prepare for war



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