The Russian Flag


Romanov1 . God save the Tsar . Боже , Царя храни .

God Save The Tsar: The Russian National Anthem

МайНовой Россииидти впереди процветать. Да здравствуетцарьЭндрюя!!

Government: Enlightened Absolute Monarchy

Current Government Funds: 155 trillion rubbles

Population of Russia: 53 million people

GDP: 35.3% of the world

Capitol: St. Petersburg

Population under the poverty threshold:53.7%

Justice Corporal Punishment

Political Party: Royalist

Military: 6 million ( drafted )

Army Reserves: 8 million

Economy: Serfdom all Peasant families are farmers forever.

The Russian Government is one of the most powerful governments in the entire world. It is lead by Czar Lord Andrew Maximillus Phillip Norrington Mallace and rules the largest nation in the world.

Link to Imperial Russian Military lead by the Russian Government

Link to The Czar's Home : Winter Palace

Link to Russian Royal Family

In the 1730s-1820 Russia was the most powerful country on earth along with England!


Royal Family

Czar: Lord Admiral Andrew Mallace the I

Royal Prince: Prince Roger Decksteel the II

Princess: Samantha Decksteel

High Duke of the Crown: Prime Minister Ryan Nikolai Michael

High Prince: Ishmael Blac-Volkov

Count: Nicholas Nikolai

Count: Jack Pistol

Count: Usman

Lord: Matthew Blastshot   

Arch Duke: Francis Bluehawk,

High Preist: Lord Governor Johnathan Goldtimbers

Grenadier Commander:

Government Jobs

Prime Minister: Captain Ryan Nikolai Michael of New Russia

The Prime Minister makes sure the government is run properly and takes care of ALL Government meetings and laws. All laws must be proposed by the Czar. The Czar has complete power of the entire government while the Prime Minister makes sure it is organized.

Deputy Minister: Roger Decksteel (Mikhail) (Royal Prince, Overseer of Government, head of Discipline, Czar's Brother).

Imperial General: King Edward Daggerhawk

Chairman of the Duma: Jeremiah Stormwash (Council Secretary)

Embassies Division--

-Ambassador of England:

-Ambassador of France:

-Ambassador of Spain (Non-Allied Negotiations):

-Ambassador of Prussia:

-Ambassador of Austria:

-Ambassador of Denmark:

-Ambassador of Singapore:Governor Jeremiah Garland

-Ambassador of the Colonies:

-Ambassador of India:

-Ambassador of Japan:

-Ambassador of Brazil:

-Ambassador of China:

-Ambassador of Italy:

-EITC Ambassador:

-Pirate Brethren Ambassador:



Head of Finances: open

Tax Collector: open

Tax Collector: open

current tax rates:

Serf class: 75% of all earnings: 300 million rubble

Peasant class: 95% of all earnings 700 million rubble

Merchant Class: 65% of all earnings 1.2 trillion

Noble Class: 35% of all earnings 30 million

Aristocrat Class: 15% of all earnings 4 million

Government Officials: 4% 12 million

Royal Class 2%


Diplomatic Relations

France: Allied

England: Allied

Persia: Allied

Ottoman Empire: Allied

Sweden: Alliance

Prussia: Non Aggresive Pack

Minister of Foreign Policy: :Nicholas Nikolai

30% of budget


Political Parties

Royalist League: Main Party ______________________________________________________________________________________



Liberal:Conservative Socialist and Liberal parties are only for state regions! Remember To be part of the congress you must be minister of a region! _______________________________________________________________________________________


The Russian Czar believes in monopolies over the industries, So each industry is run by a single person.

Steel industry:Usman

Oil industry: Jason Yelloweagle

Gold industry: Hippie

Silver industry: Cadet

Logging industry: Emily Mcsteele

Fishing industry: Raven Romanov

Real estate: owned by the Royal family of Russia ___________________________________________________________________________________________

The Political Police

1 Cadet

2 Hippie




The Political Police are a group of highly trained members that are to protect the Czar from enemies of the Russian Empire. They also arrest dissidents from the Government.

20% of budget ___________________________________________________________________________________________

The Church

The Russian Orthodox Church is the Official religion of Russia.

86% of the population follows this church

Bishop: Arch Duke Francis Bluehawk


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Map Currently

Crown 1 lg.gif The Russian Government is a member of Royalty.
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