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The Sapphire Curse is a very rare and mystical sabre found far north of the Caribbean. Once, The Godhermit , Bill Plunderbones, and Richard Goldvane, travelled here to deliver an artifact to an ancient Irish tribal man, but when they arrived, he was nowhere to be found. They eventually searched his palace, which wasn't very large. They discovered a secret passage way through his floor, and discovered three ice crystal blades. They each took a blade and left the mountain, none knowing what they had discovered.


Hermit's Blade

  • Attack -102
  • Resale Value - 423
  • Crystal Sabre
  • Freeze Sweep - Rank 3
  • Voodoo Damage - Rank 3
  • Parry Boost +4

Richard Goldvane's Blade

  • Attack -102
  • Resale Value - 1573
  • Crystal Sabre
  • Ice Sweep - Rank 2
  • Lightning Sweep - Rank 2
  • Brawl Boost +2
  • Endurance Boost +2

Bill Plunderbones's Blade

  • Attack - 102
  • Resale Value - 950
  • Crystal Sabre infused with Light Energy
  • Frozen Sweep - Rank 2
  • Lighting Vortex - Rank 3
  • Critical Strike - Rank 3


In the Mystical Realm. The Frozen Dimension became disrupted following the advent of the Dark Citadel and shot out a chunk of it into a portal that landed North of the Caribbean, The Society Of Light now monitoring anomalies reported this to Bill Plunderbones , who took Richard Goldvane and The Godhermit with him using the Famous Green Runner,

They travelled North beyond the barriers of The Caribbean and eventually ran into a supernatural storm generated by the disruption of the Realm Field, The waves pounded the ship's hull and made it land at the new Icy Island, with a ice spike scratching a deep cut in the bow of the ship. The trio while being battered by supernatural winds and ice storms searched the island when they fell into a cavern, there they discovered sword like ice spikes in the ground. They pried them out and the spikes shaped into crystal like blades but with a blush coloring. They left just as another portal in form of a whirlpool opened under it and swallowed the island back into the Realm. The Blades were taken to Daggerpaine Industries to be studied and three main ones were claimed by the Trio, while rest are still in DI.


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