History Of The Screaming Reaper

Unlike other undead reapers this reaper isn't really like any other this one haunts you where ever you go.He'll make you so scared that even when you tried to sleep he'll scream and keep screaming until you go deaf.There is no way of escaping him because when a visitor comes to Isla Inferno

The Screaming Reaper

the screaming reaper gets permission from another undead reaper and if he does gets permission from another reaper he will haunt you and make you deaf.So why does he have a syth?He uses his syth when the visitor is asleep then just slauthers them.

Terror (44x55) The Screaming Reaper is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!

His levels are 42-46


He Drops Loot Chests and Skull's Chest any potion that can be made but he usually carries bright clothing with him too!


He can only be in your dreams, screaming or flying around Isla Inferno.

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