The Shadow Pearl is a replica of The Black Pearl and was created by Captain Jim Logan during the 1740's as his own personal ship. The only difference between the Shadow Pearl and The Black Pearl is that The Shadow is 2 knots slower and it is a foot shorter than the original.

Creation and Storage

Jim created the Shadow Pearl in the 1740's in response to when he heard Jack Sparrow and The Black Pearl had been sunk by the Krakken, so he made the Shadow in response to this, but over the course of the next year, while assembling the crew for the ship, the next year he heard Jack had been rescued from Davy Jones Locker so Jim using his position as Grand Admiral of The British Royal Navy(As James Howlett) had the Shadow Pearl put in storage under Maximum Security at Black Pearl Island. There it sat for nearly a decade.

First Voyage and onward

After nearly a decade in Maximum Security, Jim Logan took the Pearl out for a trip to Japan and China, during the voyage he would have many battles with the EITC, The Worlds Goverment and Jolly Roger. But he would eventually make it to Japan and China and after his visits he would take the Shadow back to Black Pearl Island. The futher fate of this ship is unknown.

Other Apperances

The Shadow Pearl is scheduled to appear in the sequel to The Logan Family Saga. This ship was replaced by The Queen Kayla's Revenge

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