Hello I've made this list to show everyone there are a lot of different names and ships out there. I'm hoping to get 1,000 by the end of the week. All you have to do is put your name the name of your ship and/or ships a little history about your ship and/or ships and the kind of ship it is and edit it on the page like these examples. Let me give a little preveiw of how I would like you to do it :

  • Jason Yelloweagle ~ Fortune Phoenex ~ The ship that got me out of Ravens Cove when Jolly Roger attacked, Light Sloop, ~ Fortune Rebel ~ The ship that sunk Queen Anne's as soon as it set sail for the first time, Light Galleon.
  • Bill Plunderbones ~ prieveous ship ~ Renegade Executioner and Victory Privateer both war frigates : Helped me get to Commodore in SvS, now ~ a light sloop ~ White Navigator ~ I used it to Tailgate The QAR 4 times.
  • Keira Kinover ~ Fighting Queen ~ used in sea combat, Light Galleon, ~ Bountyhunter Queen ~ used for travel and quick getaways, Light Sloop.

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