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The Silver Crest heading into battle with Crestsilver's Army

The Silver Crest (or the CA Silver Crest {see Crestsilver's Army}) , is an Upgraded Light Frigate ship. It is owned by Charles Crestsilver, and it's used by the Co. Sons of Liberty and Crestsilver's Army.


The Silver Crest was originally Charles' great-grandfather's light frigate. It was used to deliver supplies to British troops. The irony. It was later decommissioned due to its age and quality. The ship was passed on generation to generation until Charles' father passed it on to him. Charles used it for everything. When he created the Co. Sons of Liberty, he used it in multiple raids against the British and undead forces. As long as it was against weaker quality ships, he could handle it.

He was attacked by a few East India Trading Company war frigates one day. Charles had no choice but to defend himself. After a devastating loss, he asked Walker De Plank, his friend and professional ship builder, to create a special fleet of unique ships that are stronger than normal (see Upgraded Vessels for more). There are only a limited amount of these special ships, as British and EITC forces destroyed the plans. The Silver Crest is one of 20 of these specially created ships.


  • HP / Armor: 10,000
  • Sails: 6,000
  • Speed: 10 Knots (14 on full sail)
  • Broadside: 20 Cannons on each side / 8 cannons on each deck
  • Cargo: 58
  • Crew: 68
  • Color: Either brown with white sails (average color of ships) or blue and gold with white sails (special occasions)


The Silver Crest facing the HMS Eagle

The Silver Crest sails towards the 13 Colonies.

The Silver Crest sailing the Caribbean seas.

The Silver Crest attacking the HMS Winchester