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You must see the light

The Society of Light is a group of people who study and embrace the interdimention of light of truth that is followed by some members of the Gen. Of Peace Guild. However, anyone is welcome to join!

It is known in (Japanese -Hikari no Kessha) or abriveated TSOL or SOTL.

Anyone can join as long as they dont serve The Darkness

The Light or The Society of Light is a order that trancends through time and space that keeps order and balanace in The Caribbean, in world of Pirates of the Caribbean. Its Leader is the Spirit of Light but mostly through Bill Plunderbones. Ht does its work, in return it grants him eternal life and special abilities and powers.

The Light's creator is the Divine Sun Dragon Celestia. She lives in the sun itself as well as The Sun God, The Dragon of Ra. When Someone Joins The Light they are binded by The Contract of the Members of The Light.

This contract clearly stated (artice 9 section k) that all traitors to The Light will be removed of their abilty to maintain sanity within their human soul. This means that the said traitor will go insane and live until The Dark dominates Earth and all other life.

The Human Bodyment of The Light is a physical energy being spirit who dwells in Bill Plunderbones and can create a physical body also. It is a rarely used body used by The Light to give orders to its followers. When you have seen The Light, if it chooses to, can bestow upon you some of its powers these include:

The Spirit of Light in Ghost form
  • Levitation
  • Enlightment of most things
  • You can fire Light Rays
  • Materialization- Being able to create whatever you want with a thought.
  • You can control the light's essece, empowering objects with abilites and using it to destroy, to strike (Albeit to a lower level than the light's host)
  • If the light chooses you, it will make a beacon of sky light energy directing you toward your quest!

The Spirit lives in Bill Plunderbones but can manifest its form into a physical body.

Followers of the Light

You can join the Society of the Light by writting in the comments below and using the userbox. Below are a list of members. Please ask in the comments below to join The Light first, in case on some very very very very rare occasions you may have to take Trial By Light first to understand The Light.

Quote : You Must See The Light .......The Spirit of the Light

There are two rule you always must know...



XLIGHT is a safe everlasting energy source that powers and is studied at Daggerpaine Industries (Mainly the XLIGHT Reactor, Generator, Converter, Bulbs and power to City Of Fire, City Of Water also the G.P.R.T.)

Order of Light

The Society of Light is the technical name or Order of Light.

Of the members of the seeers of the light, it consits of multiple guilds.

A Organization that Transcends Guilds and Time.

Color Scheme:

  • White
  • Gold
  • Bright Yellow
  • Bright Blue
  • Light Grey

(Note:This is technicaly NOT a guild!)

The Power of The Light


To join you either ask or you will be asked a common question:

You are either of The Light or The Darkness - Make your choice The Spirit of the Light

In Game 

In the POTCO game the Society helps combat Jolly Roger and his undead army as well as the EITC and Royal Navy

The Brigade of Light

 The Brigade of Light is a elite group of followers of The Light. They act as taskforce of The Light's will.

The Light's Banner

The Logbook

Society of Light Members

  1. The Spirit of the Light ( Creator/Founder of the TSOL)
  2. My Guild!My Userpage!Talk to me here!This user is an Admin of Pirates Online Players Wiki( Founder )
  3. BillSig1.pngBillSig2.pngBillSig3.pngBillSig4.png (Founder/Host Of The Light of Destruction's spirit)
  4. Bounty Hunter Bill
  5. Signore Edgar WildratFor Italy! (founder) (also of The Dark )
  6. Angel Stormfury
  7. Bill Plunderbones Tew
  8. Robert
  9. Lawrence
  10. Lord Robert, High Lord of the Co. Alliance Government!
  11. David Darkrage
  12. Sam
  13. Last Desperado
  14. Villain
  15. Michael
  16. REDIRECT User:Batorhos/SigTest
  17. Lawless
  18. Kat
  19. Rose Sharkwrecker
  20. Jack Warskull
  21. Jay Brightsun
  22. Gold Craver
  23. Edward Daggerhawk
  24. Coin flip.gifSharpeCoin flip.gif
  25. Capt. Skull X
  26. Alyssa
  27. Aplentia - The Awesome Tia -
  28. Cherie
  29. Doug
  30. David Light - The Boss Man D Light -
  31. '''Lord Usman Strider CBN President '''
  32. ~>High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar of the Holy City<~
  33. KatBlueDogHiya!
  34. Kate
  35. Jack Edgerat
  36. Skunked
  37. Hobill (prieveos servant of darkness turned ToLight when rescued from his imprisonment in the Realm)
  38. N.R.
  39. Captain Star
  40. Kat Walnutstone
  41. Spike
  42. Peter Coalvane
  43. Jack Pistol
  44. Curycoo2.pngYoutube1.pngYoutube2.png 12:46, June 28, 2011 (UTC)
  45. Japanese Flag.jpg Davy Gunfish Asdf Movie.jpg
  46. Jason YelloweagleTalk President of the Crazy People
  47. Kitty Kit Kat
  48. Capt. Lannon
  49. Hector Raidgrin
  50. Bess Firebones
  51. Samuel Redbeard
  52. James Goldskull
  53. Il Natuilea ( Nicholas Nickoli)
  54. Orpheus "Zoomer" Sampai
  55. Hellmouth

  56. Charles Crestsilver: General of Crestsilver's Army
  57. Pencil-
  58. Kate The Great
  59. Jason Shiprat
  60. Raphael
  61. Charles Fongly
  62. Lily the Distrubed
  63. Antoine Swordmight
  64. Ricardo Goldvane 
  65. Jen Kiote
  66. Blue Knight
    640px-Antoine swordmight singnature.png


Light Ghosts - Only High level Society of Light members can morph light energy into physical forms even become a ghost themselves. So far only Bill Plunderbones and Lawrence Daggerpaine can turn themselves into one. An ability known as Phasing where you become intangible but a form of it is also known by the servants of Darkness.

Light Ghosts

They come in 4 colors:

  • Blue - summoned normally
  • Red - Supercharged energy ghosts - only be conjured on Ravens Cove
  • Yellowish - normal ghosts also can be formed by using special LIght powered weapons and summoning
  • Green - can only be conjured from a special Light weapon
  • A supercharged Ghosts

Special attacks

The Members of The Society and people of the Light are able to use light based powers as well as select weapons. The most notable weapons are The Lost Light Weapons, each with a special skill also any blades that can be infused with LIGHT energy:

  • Light Vortex
  • Lighting Storm
  • Firestorm
  • Ice storm
  • Light Curse
  • Spirit Form

High Members can perform Light attacks using their body and mind:

  • Light Wave - a concentrated blast of light energy that destroys anything in a 2 mile radius
  • Telekenesis - able to move stuff with your mind
  • Realm Teleportation - able to travel to the realm with their mind or a blade
  • Light Pulse - smaller than light wave but sends pulses of light energy from your body that has explosive effects
  • Light Blasts - wavey energy in your hands that you can direct to a target
  • Light Bolts - you can send lighting bolts at enemies
  • Spirit Chains - able to make chains of diamond and light energy come out of ground and ensnare something
  • Water techniques - Users can morph the ice to liquid form and use water flood attacks.

The Highest Form technique only a Master member can perform (other then The Light of Destruction itself )

  • Atomization aka Molecularization Techinque - able to expand the molecules in anything and either control them or kill them by exploding their atoms. It is the most highest form of Light powers cause it takes years and years to master and perfect only 2 people can do it The Light Spirit itself and Bill Plunderbones.

The Sanctuary Of Light

 The Sanctuary of the Light is the home base of the TSOL (The Society Of Light) members in and out of Gen. of Peace. It is a place to study light in nature, to go to in times of darkness and despair as a safe haven, and to gather and practice the light powers. It has a secret tunnel somewhere around the temple that leads to a military fortress that is used to monitor the dark, and it can be used in the utmost of the worst of sitiuations. It also has a secret escapre route into the realm. It is in the sacred place of Tortuga, Cortevos. It is still being built, but most of it is done. It is next to The secret underground city, City Of Water.

The Light Sanctuary

Location: Tortuga Wildwoods, Cortevos

  • Sky Observatory: On top of the cabin
  • Nature Study area: Scorpion Nest
  • Main Temple Facility: Cabin
  • Common Green: Water foutain and surrounding area (Not Cabin)
  • Shield Periameter: From the Bridge to the end of the Nature Area
  • Fortress: - Classified -
  • Sky Bridge: (Connects into the tops of the Trees) On top of the temple
  • Guards Include: Undead Pirates, Bandits, (Turned good by The Light) Scorpions, (Not the ones in nest) and Cadets.
  • Powered by a HydroLight Generator.
  • Protected by a XLIGHT shield creator.
  • Protected By a D.R.S.


There is a Realm entrance by the shield. Be wary not to journey far into it. You may get sucked in!

Creature Members

  • Emrald the Light Pig - the pig on the left side of the pigpen on cuba cortevos.
  • The Great CaboostChicken of Light
  • Bob The Light Alligators - all of the alligators of Cuba Cortevos- property of Bill Plunderbones/Tew
  • All of the alligators of cortevos owned by Bill Plunderbones/Tew
  • The Great Leviathan

Protected Creatures

Several creatures are protected by The Society and must not be harmed.

  • Alligators - swamp, bayou, big, and huge and their bosses
  • Octopus
  • Chicken - like Great Caboost
  • Squid
  • Cats
  • Whales


SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3.png The Society Of Light is a member of The Society of The Light!

The Official Stamp of The Society of Light


(not to be confused with code: thelight)

Ceremonial Dress Robes

The Ceremonial Dress Robes are robes used for The Light ceremonies.

To show your status to The Light you at least have to wear anything of White, Light Blue, Turquoise, Light yellow, gold, silver, light grey any of these colors or light versions of the primary colors.

This is what your Clothes Stash should look like

The name of the clothes is as follows:

  1. Travelers Ostrich Hat (Tortuga Clothing Quest)
  2. Tourist Long Coat (find in loot drop)- this is optional
  3. Sack Vest (buy or find in loot drop)- Bright blue, bright yellow, or silver
  4. Light Grey, White Reinforced Tank (buy or find in loot drop)
  5. Box Belt (buy or find in loot drop)
  6. Any of the colors above tight pants
  7. Any black or white shows that go up to the pants
  8. Jewelry/Rings: anything white, silver or bright blue
  9. Tattoos: None


Light seal1.jpg

Army there really isnt one. - The Japanese Army makes up for it.

Every ship is required to brand the Society's Logo and symbol.

Merchant Ship:


Navy: TSOL navy is also consisted of the GOP armada but they are divided into 4 classes: They also serve as part of The Empire of Japan's Naval group.

T.S.O.L.W.S- Warship Class

- only one is known T.S.O.L.W.S Victory Maelstrom

The Maelstrom

  • Ship Of The Line
standard TSOLWS class

  • Black Pearl ship type
TSOL war ship 1.png

  • El Patron's ship type

T.S.O.L.B.S Battleship class

  • War Frigate
  • War Brig
  • War Galleon
  • War Sloop

T.S.O.L.R.S- Raider class

  • Frigate
  • Brig
  • Galleon
  • Sloop

T.S.O.L.M.S- Mariner class

  • Light Frigate
  • Light Brig
  • Light Galleon
  • Light Sloop

only one is known - White Chariot - Lights ship

==Airfleet==Till recently the TSOL had no air military but was busy developing airships in diferenty countries and stored them in bases around the globe most notablly under the Pyramids of Giza,Egypt. They were not normal airships they ran on a special substance that was not bad for the atmosphere so they were called Steamships.They were not revealed until the Great Darkness Invasion event and were used to combat the The Society of Darknesse airships, After the War they were used to patrol and maintain order in the World and the Realm to watch for any Darkness returning. A special Prison for Dark members was developed as a floating airship like fortress that stayed around Tokyo.The Steamships had bomb doors to drop XLIGHT bombs on enemies, cannons that could shoot Spectral Light blasts and platforms so TSOl members could shoot their attacks at enemies around, The bow of the Steamships also had a ramming horn for ramming attacks.


No meetings yet.

When a meeting is to be called it will be put up as a blog ---- The Spirit of the Light

The Growing Darkness

The long dormant darkness has begun to make itself known.

To see more go to Light vs Dark. Stay ever vigilant fellow seers! The Light will guide us!

The Light blasting The Darkness

The Balance

To see more on this ..... The Balance of Light/Dark

The Lost Light Weapons

Six all powerful light weapons used to beat the Darkness now hidden away in 6 unknown locations.

Japanese Control

Since the leader's host is Emperor of Japan, the Society has bases across the globe and Japan as its mainland.

The Physical Body

The Light's Spirit made itself a body to do works through but also to maintain its hosts Bills habits so it loots as well and levels up his weapons and notoriety as well as famed and brights -

hopefully no Dark Black xD- And they did -

  • Notoriety - 50
  • Sword -30
  • Gun -30
  • Doll -30
  • Dagger -30
  • Sailing -25
  • Cannon -23
  • Grenade - 30
  • Staff - 30
  • Fishing -5
  • Potions -10

Famed and Legendary

  • Spinecrest Sword
  • Masterwork Broadsword
  • Masterwork Sabre
  • Masterwork Cutlass
  • Bloodfire Cutlass x2
  • Bloodfire Sabre
  • Bloodfire Broadsword
  • Bruiser's Cutlass
  • War Scattergun
  • Bush Master Pistol
  • Scoundrel's Musket
  • Viper's Den Knives
  • Seven Seas Dagger
  • Banshee Doll
  • Villany Doll
  • Sacred Pistol x2


  • Blade of the Abyss
  • Lost Sword of El Patron
  • Heart of Padres Del Fuego