The Spanish Brethren Court-History

The Spanish Brethren Court was founded in 1643 by Kapitan Jan Mecredrez. The Brethren Court was created due to the Templars trying to enslave all Spanish pirates and make them serve Spain and the Templars. Puerto Alvico was invaded by The Templars many times.

War Brig SVS2

The Lighting Wolf, flagship of the Court



The Lightning Wolf- Jack Darksilver

The Black Mercenary

The Black Mutineer

The Spanish Pirate Lords

Captain John Fatbeard - Dead

Jack Darksilver (Keeper of the Code)

James Alistir - missing

Jack Warsmythe

Grace Goldtimbers

Catscog the Pirate

Puerto Alvico

Puerto Alvico is an infamous port and a very little number of people know its exact location. Puerto Alvico is the base of the Spanish Brethren.

The Brethren is based up in the mountains, in Aliscastias, a palace built by Jan Mercredez.

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