The Story of Richard Cannonblast

Based on a True Story

Written By: Jeffrey Blasthawk

Published By:

Authors Note

While this is a true story, I have switched the names so this will not cause any arguements. The Prologue, and the first couple of chapters show how the begining of his life may have been depicited by role-players.


Richard Cannonblast was born into a family of EITC soldiers. Richard's dad, Eric Cannonblast, was a lord. Richard's two brothers, Jack, and Samuel were both aspiring to be in the EITC, at age 10. Richard raised his children harshly, constantly yelling and screaming at them. Eric's wife, Rachel, was fed up with how his husband treated her and her children, that she left him, and was never heard from again. Richard never knew his mother. Eric continued to raise his children the way he had before his wife left. Richard grew up an angry and corrupt child.

Chapter 1

When Richard turned 15, Eric forced Richard to enlisted into the EITC, as Eric did his other two sons, Jack and Samuel, who are now seregents in the company, at age 35.

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