The Sword of the Forgotten Angler was once used by the Angler Lord himself. The Angler Lord was part human, part AnglerFish. Only when Angler touches the water does it turn into the massive fish. People fear Anger, he is very strong as a human, and fish, devouring fish and yes, even some pirates every where. He has been on the wanted list for who knows how long. Authorities are still on the hunt for the very strong lord.

The sword just adds to his massive power, made about 60 years ago, by the Angler Lord himself, he customized it to fit his certain assassin needs.


Kind: Rare

Attack: 200

Type: Cutlass Ghost Form - Rank 5

Drain Health - Rank 5

Angler Curse - Summons Anglerfish Ghosts to attack an enemy for 20 seconds. - Rank 5

Parry Boost +8

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