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Government type: Absolute Monarchy Leader:Lady Hannah Bluefeather  Governor: None at the moment. Capital: Centerville

Second in command: None at the moment.

Guilds: Dark-Water Rebels

Ministers: Lord Chancellor (Richard Venables), Minister of Parties: (Bobby Moon), Minister of Trade: (Not Yet Named) Minister of Finance: (Johnny Goldtimbers)

Divisions of Driftwood

Amount of Divisions: 3

  1. Shipwreck Cove:
  2. Centerville and Cabin Area
  3. The Wildgrass Crablands


Imperial Republic of Raven's Cove - Neutral

EITC Dominion of Kingshead - Neutral

Confederacy of Cuba - Neutral

Commonwealth of Padres Del Fuego - Neutral

Pirate Monarchy of Isla Cangrejos - Neutral


Crab Meat, Rum, Cloth, Coconuts, Wood, Seafood, Shells, Jewelry,.Rubies, Bluefeathers and other items.



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