The Undead Espanol Bandido Hyatt is a Spanish Skeleton who HATES THE FRENCH because he didn't die just from someone French he died from a Gyspy that was French and put a Curse on him, to stay a skeleton forever. He then swore to have revenge on the French by always killing anyone pirate or french lovers nearby.
Awesome dude

The Undead Español Bandido Hyatt

The French Gypsy forever also cursed him and now he can't leave The Island Isla De La Avaricia. Before he was cursed his old friendSantos Sandro gave him two swords named Sandro's Sword, and Voyager's Edge. He still uses them to kill in the on the island and he uses his Voodoo Magic to lure ships to the and the sailors to their death.

  • Level- 25-45
  • Health-25000-456930
  • He Can be a boss or just a normal Spanish Skeleton
  • He can be ONLY found at Isla De La Avaricia
  • His Weapons are Sandro's Sword, & Voyager's Edge, Rarely he uses grenades and His Doll.
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