The Undead Stalker is a notorious skeleton that will stalk you down until either it dies or you die.
Ahh a skel

Grrr i will stalk u UNTIL U DIE!!!!!

  • Health-1530-2500
  • Level- 20-35
  • Where you can find this Undead Stalker- Look behind you.
  • Weapons: Dagger, Cutlass, Grenades.
  • He'll Do anything to kill you (ANYTHING)

The First reported Undead Stalker was in the king's bar stalking pirates drinking and celebrating during the New Year.Taking out its enemies by being stealthy.


The Spanish form of the Undead Stalker

  • The Creator of the Undead Stalker
  • This is wat the Undead Stalker mostly uses.
  • Undead Stalker : IM WATCHING YOU!!!!!
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