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Act I

Scene 1

We find ourselves on Port Royal, the capital of the United Caribbean Republic, at the Republic Palace, the former Governor's Mansion where there is hustle and bustle about for some reason. We find ourselves in the Office of the 10th Great Lord of the Republic

Christopher Crane(thinking): I have never seen this ever before.... it can not be the day..... it can not be the day... I swear if one of those asses come in here and decide that I am the first bastard to avoid—

A Man bursts in to the office and salutes the Great Lord then begins to speak

Man: Mister... Great Lord... sir.... We have official word that Padres Del Fuego has officially seceded and rebelled against us.

Christopher sits there in silence for a while, then suddenly he almost literally tosses the desk across the office and yells


Scene 2

There was panic throughout the Mansion. Many were running about trying to get paperwork here and there of complaints, problems, uprising notifications, etc. Christopher Crane's Writers were at work writing him a speech on the happenings thus far and skilled Republic Guards-Of a high rank mind you-stood at the door of his office. Christopher Crane was meeting with some of the Military Leaders while trying to read messages from Governors of whether they should go meet with him or stay in their islands.

Christopher Crane: This is a nightmare, a nightmare none of our people imagined. Their brothers and sisters rebelled against the  Family's way of governing and life so they may make their own. Governors fearing that if they leave to see me, their position will mean nothing when he returns. Admiral, what do you propose we do?

Admiral Moon: Well, we could send a few ships and send a message after bombarding their stronghold-Fort Dundee. These rebels hardly know what they are doing, they do not possibly have a professional like myself leading them. We just sent the crappiest Regiments over there. Thanks to your.. General... over there.

General Plunderbones: I assure you, I was positive they were ready! They screwed us over is all, those, those...

Christopher Crane: No matter. They will soon realize their mistake. Is this all we truly have, Admiral?

Admiral Moon: Well, there is another option, but it is very risky... It could take the fighting out of the populated areas of our nation. The assholes will never see it coming.

Christopher Crane: Show me.

Admiral Moon walks over to the large overhauled map on the wall with marks all over it, indicating possible sieges and the sorts.

Admiral Moon: See, Raven's Cove is an area they don't expect us to even care about, yet, we do. They are still in the Re-Colonization Effort, have been for a while now, and so they will think that it will do nothing for us. Which in truth does, actually do something. We will just wait for them to come, fleets posted at Cuba, Perdida, and of course, Raven's.

Christopher Crane: You are sure this will work?

Admiral Moon: Beats the hell out of trying to keep the casualties down in the very populated areas.

Christopher Crane: Do it.

Admiral Moon grins and walks out, an aid rushes to her and gives her some papers, Moon flips through them.

Admiral Moon: Could you get Governor Albertus out here? Or have a ship prepared to go out there?

Moon's Aid: Yes, sir.

Admiral Moon: Yes, Ma'am.

Scene 3

Knocking is heard, and it becomes clear we are in a cabin of sorts, a rather cozy and well furnished one. A man lay in a bed, awake now though. The knocking came again more furiously and the man, bearded, got up.

Richard Cannonwalker (Rubbing his eyes): Yes Hank, what is it?

Hank (Bursting in): Outcast.. err... we have... seceded, my friend.... We are part of the new nation, the flag has been raised.

Richard Cannonwalker: Well then... it seems David has done well...

Hank: Indeed.... We are now with Padres, they were able to spare us some supplies, though they have yet to throw out the Republic governor here, there is crowds around the guarded mansion.

Richard Cannonwalker: What... What are they doing waiting...?

Hank: The crowds have Republic Guards aimed at them and they are armed to the teeth...

Richard Cannonwalker: Good God, then I will have to give the Governor a visit, eh? Off to the Province Palace! Thank goodness for the exclusive pass I have.

The two mounted horse and rode it across the island to the Province Palace where crowds were gathered around with guards pointing guns at them. Torches, pitchforks, and other things were there but none of them inteded to get shot as they would have no quarrel with the Republic with it being now rebellion territory. The two dismounted and passed through the crowd to the front. Richard approached one of the guards.

Richard Cannonwalker: Colonel, I believe I have rights to enter this place, rebellion or Republic, this paper gives me those rights. (He smiled) There won't be problem will there?

Colonel (Groaning): Perhaps you can help us with this mess, and maybe we will let you-(Richard grabs a hold of him and he drops his musket. The Colonel smiled awkwardly.) As it were...

Richard proceeded into the Palace. On the way he finds in a room a sword mounted over the fireplace. He goes up to it and grabs it, and then puts it on his belt as if it were his.

Hank: What are you doing?

Richard Cannonwalker: Trust me on this one....

They proceeded to the Governor's office. Inside a wigged man stared outside at the crowd outside his palace.

Richard Cannonwalker: It has been a while hasn't it, Governor Nathaniel? I have missed our daily tea.

Governor Nathaniel: So it has. This rebellion has gotten quite out of hand... Never anticipated the threat to be real. (He turns around) And what brings you here? Would you not want to be on one the ships escorting loyal citizens to the other Provinces?

Richard Cannonwalker: Well the way I see it (He sits himself down at the Governor's desk) My interests have shifted some... it seems to me that you are a bit butthurt, is it? Over this crummy place. I mean look at this place... what a dump.

Richard cackles.

Governor Nathaniel: More so, loyal to the Great Lord. I would be a coward to not leave. It is my duty to serve the citizens and restore this place to Republic rule.

Richard laughs.

Richard Cannonwalker: Hilarious. (He gets up and walks up to the Governor) Curious, how do you intend to do that if there is a riot out there that is only being held off by 20 or so guards that are only here if you do not die? (Richard unsheathes the sword he pocketed earlier)

Governor Nathaniel: You wouldn't dare...

Richard Cannonwalker: Oh... Oh I would... I would ask if you have any last words... but I am not that type am I?

Governor Nathaniel: You little piece of...

Richard thrusted the cutlass into the Governor's chest, and then opened the door out to the balcony. He got the Governor walking out onto it and then stops at the balcony. The crowd gasps and point out at the balcony.

Richard Cannonwalker: You shall forever be known as a selfish asshole, my friend.

Richard then pushes him off over the balcony. The guards realized their mistake after they watch the governor fall to his death. With that, the crowd then tackled them down and eventually cleared out after breaking chaos in to the palace, leaving the guards on the ground dead.

Scene 4

A gable pounds against the Vice Lord's podium. Silence is found in a room that is in chaos. We find ourselves on Tortuga, in the Republic Forum where all the representatives have convened and the Vice Lord stands at the podium. Only a few representatives are not present due to their provinces having been rebelled.

Vice Lord: We need your sincere attention or damn you all to hell if we do not get it! (Crowd settles down) With the recent secession of Padres Del Fuego and the Outkast Territory, we must decide what warfare provisions are necessary at this time. The representatives of Padres Del Fuego, with the exception of the one from Padres 8th and the representative from the Outkast Territory have been suspended from this meeting in order to be sure they are not possible spies. We must resolve these issues or so help us God we will lose not just valuable stockpiles of resources but as well as constituents to help us win in the running for the office of the Great Lord.

The quarrel starts up again with shouting and insults being heard from those of many names and sexes. We see a small figure walk up to the podium, she is whispering something into the ear of the Vice Lord who then hands her the gable. She then pounds it harder than it was before.

Rep. Stormwalker: We must find order or this enemy will instantly crush us without a single shot fired and not one drop blood shed from a retaliatory force! (She stood there looking over the Forum's floor with eyes shocked and mouths silent.) There is no need for questions at this moment, what we actually need is a solution to this problem that will plague us for eternity if we do not act now. We are failing to properly conduct our business which at this moment is to pass provisions of action to be able to act against the rebellion and permit specific amounts of force to the Great Lord of the Republic.

She hands the gable to the Vice Lord who follows her out to the outdoors. They find themselves sitting down at a table.

Vice Lord: Storm, you know we need to use those weapons you have stored for us. You guys have to let us pass the measure to use them against these bastards, you know you need this too. You people owe us this. Your clan will not survive without some of those provinces.

Vice Lord looks at the Forum Whip for a response.

Rep. Stormwalker: I just do not believe it is the time. We can easily win this without showing the world what we truly have. Surely we have better than this, the clan could have handled the uprisings in Oitkast and Padres better then your regiments. You just want to do the quick in and out. It is not the time.

The Vice Lord gets up and looks at her.

Vice Lord: You realize that they are rebelling because of gangs and other clans like yours? Who threaten other members of the Forum if they do not do as they are told? You must come to that realization or we are not getting anywhere.

He gets up and enters the Forum again to begin sorting out the chaos. Stormwalker proceeded inside as well and went up to the podium and began to speak.

Rep. Stormwalker: With the recent rebellions and many vital strongholds lost, we must pass this act now. The Republic Quartering Act of War in order to provide not only a place for soldiers to occupy but facilities to train them...

Scene 5

Night falls on the Republic stronghold of St. Bridget. Unrest has been rocking the isle for several years and was nothing out of the norm until protestors began waving a flag of the Padres Rebellion forces, thus more heavily armed guards and cannons were posted throughout the isle where unrest was. Many Brits inhabiting St. Bridget were disgruntled with the Republic's policies and demanded better representation or independence, but the urge to rebel was never as strong as now for them.

We now come to Rear Admiral Edgewalker, planning out how to keep the island of St. Bridget in Republic control.

Edgewalker: This is just ridiculous. Brits never really liked rebellions and never has there been this much of a craze for independence.

He sits back in a chair and looks at the graphics and plans to keep the island. He begins moving pieces on a table around simulating the crowd and military posted to keep the peace. Suddenly without warning cannon fire hits the walls of the stronghold. Edgewalker falls but then quickly rushes to his feet.

Edgewalker (screaming): Major get the cannons ready and fire at will! Let's move!

There is much commotion in St. Bridget. Just off it's shores were Rebellion Naval ships flying various flags but all with a common symbol: a golden gear. The ships continued bombarding St. Bridget and had started sending out landing parties with what seemed to be large crates in the long boats.

Edgewalker: Fire at those long boats! Fire all! We can not let them land here. (The Rear Admiral rushes down steps and organizes a regiment) Forward march men! We will stop any that land for they are weak and will crumble with their rag-tag militia ways.

We cut to the rebellion flagship, the Huntington, where Admiral Nate Huntington Head of the Rebellion Navy watches St. Bridget begin to fall to their control.

Admiral Nate: How awake is St. Bridget, Captain? It seems to me they can not even shoot a cannon which does not say much for these fools.

The Captain: Well sir, based off my time when in the Republic Military, the Rear Admiral's drills were not very well coordinated. They do however have quite the elite force. We have to have those crates land on the shores so citizens can be armed sir. That will ultimately secure our victory here.

Admiral Nate:  Knowing Edgewalker's tactics, we should be able to bag this victory easily. Get me a long boat, Captain. I am going out there to watch St. Bridget fall to the rebellion.

The Captain: Yes, sir.

Admiral Nate follows the long boats. The boats in front eventually landed and began unloading ammunition into enemies and weapons to citizens as the rebellion soldiers pushed back Republic forces. The Admiral reaches St. Bridget with the Republic pushed back into the out skirts of the other side of the residential area of the isle. He mounts on his horse leading a cavalry into the town. As they get into town there are stacks of Republic bodies with citizens in the streets firing upon Republic soldiers. There the Rear Admiral finds himself backing up more and more until finally he calls for a cease fire. The Admiral comes closer to him and gets off his horse.

Admiral Nate: Rear Admiral Edgewalker, good to see you, though unfortunate in these set of circumstances.

Edgewalker: Quite unfortunate it is....

Admiral Nate: No less, we must admit you won't leave here alive if we don't stop now. Do me a favor and I'll let the republic march out, go back to Puerto Republica ad tell them the Rebellion has taken Kingshead, not St. Bridget, and that we will win independence. It will do wonders for you, less worrying of unrest.

Edgewalker: I hate to admit it, but you are right, friend. Let us call it even then.

Both Admirals shake hands and Edgewalker is sent out on a long boat to Puerto Republica with food to tide them over the trip. The Rebellion then raises an unofficial rebellion flag and celebrates in victory. The town shouts "Down with the Republic, and for a Union!"

Scene 6

Fighting and gun exchanges continue on the violence riddled island of Padres Del Fuego. Recently, Richard Cannonwalker had arrived from Outcast after its liberation and joining with the Padres in rebellion against the Republic. David McMartin had requested the presence of Richard and various others in the temporary office set up in Fort Dundee. We find there Richard the influential writer, Victoria who is a dissatisfied French woman, Elizabeth Bane who is a beautiful.. err... talented infantry leader appointed by McMartin, and of course, David McMartin the Governor of Padres Del Fuego. They sat at a table with wine and meals being served.

McMartin: At last you guys have finally arrived. It has been far too long my friends, I miss the old days of when we were pirates going against Breasly. THose were the days weren't they Rich?

Richard Cannonwalker: Aye, they were. Unfortunately though, we are pressed with different matters, David. So how is it looking so far David?

McMartin: We have a large chance especially after this.

David holds a paper up and then puts a forkful of steak in his mouth. He hands it to Richard who then hands it to the two women.

Richard Cannonwalker: You won Kingshead? And not only did you win it, you got a naval mastermind to head your navy? Holy..

McMartin: My navy? You mean your navy, Richard. This is after all the plan. You are the perfect person to carry out this thing. I am just a simple man who ignited the fire. Thus the reason we are convened here.

Richard Cannonwalker: Oh.... it is quite the honor David but, I don't think I can..

McMartin: Shut up and let us get to it. Girls it is great to see you too, I am sorry we left you out of the conversation. What can we do on Terre d'argent, Victoria and General what can we do here?

Victoria: Well David, firstly I want to say I am very tired of those freaking.. ugh.. I can not even put it into words, but we have people who would join the rebellion there. I also have maps of their weapons depot and armory. It will help us get the odds against the Republic.

Elizabeth: So far, Richard and David, we have thwarted the Republic camps that are left and only fighting the confused and have been for too long, we are sending in aid to help recovery for them now that they aren't a problem.

McMartin:  If that is the case then what is next would you say Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Well... I think we want to move thseat of power to Kingshead because it is a stronghold and its citizens favor us. Fort Dundee isn't meant to take too much and the Republic will be more concerned taking back a military fort and province instead of just one of the two. If we want to survive, our capital can't fall or we will be disorganized.

McMartin: As much as I wanted to have long conversations with you, Richard, she does speak of the truth. I suggest you conduct the affairs of our newly formed government on Kingshead. Besides, we have William Seasteel, another military expert that is willing to be its governor. Best having him defend Kingshead like he ahs countless times before in the days of the EITC and Piracy. If that is the case... Elizabeth what islands would we want to go after to have better odds at winning out?

Elizabeth: Well... there is the Isla de Plata and seeing as it will be close to Terre d'argent we can be able to support Victoria in her conquest there. They have moderate populations and some military holdings there too. It will disrupt their military more.

McMartin: Then it is settled. The Twin Isles it is. (David stands up and shakes each of the women's hands and dismisses them) Richard, what are your thoughts? How are we going to have this rebellion be led?

Richard Cannonwalker: I don't know David. I don't. I am not even sure if I want to go to Kingshead. I thought I'd be the leader not the one who leads the charge. We still have achance of being completely annihilated.

McMartin: In which case we will be living under the tyrannic rule of the clans and gangs on Tortuga, not limited to the House of Storms. I would rather die free than live disrupted and mislead, eh?

Richard Cannonwalker: I suppose so..

Scene 7

Ravens caw in the background and their calls echo off the rock of Raven's Cove. The efforts of the re-colonization of it is very clear as many buildings are scaffolded rather than damaged. Admiral Moon sets foot on the rock and looks at her feet as they step on it, ground crunching beneath her. The pride of the fleet for the Republic had just weighed anchor off the coast and she had rowed to the Northern part of the island, near the elevator shaft. Republic soldiers unloaded as more boats came in. Red Guardsmen, an elite force convened by the Governor of the island, met her there.

Red Guardsmen: Greetings Admiral, what is it that brings you to this place?

Admiral Moon (looking up at the sky): The Governor and the War. (She then looks at the Guardsmen) Lord Admiral by the way. I was promoted a few years ago. I would have thought the Governor taught you these colours and stripes.

Red Guardsmen: Apologies, my lord. There has been much more concentration on the crime and constant mining crisises we encounter over the years that such news has slipped our desks here.

Admiral Moon: Well then... Enough chit chat, take me to the Governor for there is much to be discussed. Things are about to change heavily around here.

Red Guradsmen escorted the Lord Admiral to the Ravenia Square where the seat of power for Ravenia was. She entered into a building with Spanish tile and white walls. The fountains flowed outside, unlike when the island was first found. Moon entered a room afterwards where there was a desk and a few bookshelves and paintings covering the walls. Sitting behind the desk was the Governor, Albertus Spark. He looks up to see her.

Albertus: Ah Bob, good to see you old friend! It is about time you come out here to this place. We are doing very well surprisingly all these years. Please, sit sit. What do you come here for? I am sure it isn't some check up on good ol' Al.

Admiral Moon: Unfortunately, no it isn't. I come here bringing warfare. And well... quick question how come the island doesn't know about my promotion?!

Albertus chuckles.

Albertus: You see Bob, we are not exactly the most... vocal or involved province in the Republic and we are almost our own Republic you could say out here. We barely get any communications of anything from Puerto Republica & Tortuga, and when we do it is minor things. We have so many things going on out here, the Republic typically neglects us and just gives us our fair share in Forum Representatives, federal funds, and such of the sort where we pay them for the supplies we export secretly. (He drinks some tea) So... "warfare"? How is this?

Admiral Moon: Just David out in Padres and some raddled up psychos in Outkast. It won't last long we just need to lure them over here.There of course would be some reward for your aid to us and putting up with all these shenanigans that you weren't expecting. It is after all you, Al.

Albertus: I always figured I would be of use some day other than these suppplies we ship out. What are we looking at?

Admiral Moon: Well firstly, we need to dedicate a quick small ship to deliver news to and from Puerto Republica. It must be secret though some of this news if any of it gets out at all. You need constant updates here so we are prepared for any on-coming rebels.

Albertus: So allow me a second to think.... (He pauses in silence) They can be easily thwarted yet you come running out here for Ravenia's help in which we are not only not very vocal in the Republic but also very isolated, a province in which no one cares for very much and you need a ship for news updates? Bob, tell me now if it is bigger than just some squabbling pirate wanna-bes that go by rebel instead of pirate.

Admiral Moon: Trust me it isn't much. It is after all just David.

Albertus: If you say so. There is a ship by the name of the Lightning Star. She has yet to be used and is designated a diplomatic ship. She is the fastest in our personal fleet here. You may use her.

They finish discussing over what needs to be done and the Admiral walks out to a horse that has been prepared for her and mounts it. She rides out find a camp has already been set up for troops and more of the fleet weighing anchor of the coast.

Admiral Moon (To self): This is going to get better surely. Those rebels haven't gotten very far after all.

Scene 8

Elizabeth walks along the beach of Isla de Plata in civilian disguise watching the Republic guards be downed one by one silently in the night. Their plan was brilliant for Isla de Plata that they could focus more on taking Terre d'argent. Admiral Nate Huntington was just off the coast awiting for the signal. When the final soldier collapses rebellion soldiers landed on Isla de Plata with artillery pieces aimed at the military post and muskets not much further behind the blasts.

Elizabeth: Just as pplanned. (Commotion arises and the remaining Republic units flail their arms and run in panic) Stupid little buggers.

Admiral Nate walks over to her after landing with one of the boats.

Admiral Nate: Ready for the attack on Terre d'argent? It won't be as fun as watching these Republic pigs being slaughtered but it is still satisfying to see it fall to a force to be feared.

Elizabeth: It always is. Seeing supporters of a corrupt government realize that they aren't so alpha dog as they seem to believe.

Admiral Nate: Frog burning.

Elizabeth (puzzled): Frog burning? (she pauses to think about it laughin a little) Ah, frog burning. Yes. Silly things.

The two crossed Mar de Plata closing in on Terre d'argent Victoria prepared for them to arrive on the island. They had rose a Republic flag over their vessel. Eventually after they landed with various crates, organized rebellion supporters on Terre d'argent opened them and began immediately firing upon the island waiting for it to run amuck in confusion. Elizabeth landed afterwards with rebellion supporters from across the Caribbean and began organizing them and commanding the end of Republic grasp of Terre d'argent.

Elizabeth: Forward and fire at will! No quarter shall be given either!

Victoria approaches Elizabeth running.

Victoria (out of breath): Liz, we need to get into the weapons depot. They are about to use som epieces we don't need hto be used here. I want to see the kill be cleaner than they want to make it.

She finishes panting catching her breath.  Elizabeth quickly grabs a few men and arms herself and Victoria as they quickly go towards the weapons depot and take them by surprise. When the last shots are fired Elizabeth and Victoria meet with Admiral Nate on the beach going over losses and gains and begin composing a message to Kingshead. Heaps of uniforms from Republic soldiers were burning around them and the rebellion flag flew over the two islands. The rebellion was without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with. One to fear.

Act II

With the rebellion winning out key parts in the East of the Caribbean, the Republic already looks as if they will not win out. However, it is only the beginning of a long conflict as more interests are re-aligned by new and devastating events.

Scene 1

A Republic flag falls to the stoney ground of Kingshead, burning. William Seasteel raises the flag of the rebellion, one that Richard picked out of all the renditions made by various rebellion supporters: A red flag with a golden gear in the middle. A simple flag but a memorable one. Richard Cannonwalker sits at a desk writing out something. Seasteel approaches him and sits on a chair in front of Richard's desk.

William: Richard, about the Governor position here, I wanted to speak to you of it.

Richard: Be my guest, speak of it. (He writes still) Did you hear our success in Mar de Plata by the way William? It has lifted up my hopes for the sucess of a new era fStormwalker: or this region.

Richard finishes writing his letter and stuffs it into an envelope and then pours wax on it and stamps it with his signature seal. Seasteel smiles a little.

William: It is truly remarkable, though no surprise seeing as it is Nate, the one we all know and love. (He pauses for a second) I believe that you wouldn't want to worry too much of not only how policy is being carried out in the seat of power but also the protection detail of it, my lord. I think if you allowed me to administer the island for you, you can focus more on the war ahead as it is evident that it requires much attention.

Richard: And why should it be you? Can't it be someone else? Who is to say you won'tturn on me?

William: I wouldn't. Considering the cause and lack of interest from the EITC and England in this region. The people here would favor you even more if you chose one of their own and a war veteran like myself no less.

Richard sits back and looks at Seasteel. He feels his beard and looks at him.

Richard: I suppose so. You do bring up a valid point. Seeing as that is the case, put your right hand on this book and repeat after me (Richard stands up with a book named "The Atheist's Equivalent to a Bible" in hand.) I, William Seateel, do so solemnly swear that I will serve the Union government and will carry out duties and serve the people of it's seat of power as Governor and keep order. Should I fail to do so, I will without a doubt be a victim of being cactus'd.

William stares at Richard for a second and then repeats slowly after Richard.

Richard: Good to meet you, Governor.

William: So... The Union? You came up with that?

Richard: Yes I did. The Southern Isle Union. I am still coming up with the details a little. I am thinking of making it an elective monarchy but being called President. It is something no one has ever done before and can call for some interesting decisions.

William: Indeed...

They continue conversing and eventually we fade out to the next scene...

Scene 2

Stormwalker walks along the path in the heart of Tortuga's town after a day at the Forum. She was going down to meet with the Great Lord of the Republic at the docks.

Ragged Old Man: You should would have been a very rich slave girl. The men would have loved giving it to you when I had my chain. Hah! You would lose your comfort in corsets!

Stormwalker lookd confused and suddenly stopped looking at the old man. She feels as if she knows him

Stormwalker:  You sound familiar... it is as if you were an important person too.. why am I talking to you though...

Ragged Old Man: Now don't be that way Storm, you deal with filth like me all the time with you and your House os Storms. Catchy name I must say, and it has gone quite far that it s so feared... HAH! I pity the fool who believes it for a second. If the EITC were alive I would be watching you get hanged despite the title I had.

Stormwalker: You wouldn't by chance be... Mal-

Ragged Old Man: Mallace? The one and only Lord Chancellor Marrace. For the EITC! Though... it sadly is lost with the BNO... why did it have to be the BNO too?

Stormwalker: What are you doing here...?

Mallace: Where else do I have to go? Everything I had is gone and forgotten. A page in the history books yet I am still alive. What better place to go to to be wasted like a pig and hungry for thrills? Tortuga! Corrupted, scandalous! All the politicians here are up to something! (He takes a swig from a rum bottle in his hand( You know, I would give a lot to be in this government but at the same time it would just be easier for England to track me down.

Stormwalker: Get up! You are coming with me, we are going to spiffy you up and I swear on the otters I have you will be strong once more.

Mallace (As Stormwalker picks him up): What can the House of Storms do for me? Nothing! Nothing at all!

Stormwalker: Shut up and and keep such comments to yourself. I have to meet up with Crane.

Mallace: Oh so you're meeting with Crane. I can't wait to see him! It has been too long since we lost each other. I remember, he nearly blasted us out in the Revolution and I shouted some sort of insults at him. Perhaps he can finally give me the ponies back!

They finally arrive at the docks where the Great Lord stands by stacks of cratesexamining the port. He approaches the two and looks at them closely.

Crane: Who have you brought here, Stormy? Quite the parasite I must say. More delicious if it weren't for all this filth.

Mallace: Now just you wait! I am delicious no matter what you mogrel! My husband says so!

Stormwalker: Long time no see, my lord. And about him...

Mallace: Have you seen my husband? He has lef tme here in this squat of ocean like no big deal!

Stormwalker: This is Lord Mallace... I just found him in the streets.

Crane: Ahh.. I thought so. Explains why he screams about his husband. An interesting specimen of human no doubt.

Mallace: Hey wait mac, that is Lord Chancellor to you! Don't you baaaah. (He collapses into a sleep) I am Nipple crusher and I am a fluffy pony that flies with a horn.

Crane and Stormwalker stare as Stormwalker drops him on the ground.

Crane: Drunken fool nowadays I see...

Stormwalker: Why do we need to bring out these arms now? We haven't even commenced the plan you wrote us about!

Crane: So we are jumping into that conversation, very well then. We need them now because I don't know about you but we lost Kingshead, Isla de Plata, and Terre d'argent, three islands since we last wrote. The Lord Admiral finally arrived on Ravenia and we can only imagine the damage and devestation of more islands if we don't change the game.

Stormwalker: England will come back if they find out, and they will because everyone knows someone on here who writes to England.

Crane: And they will be thwarted if they do. You underestimate our power, we can defeat the English as they have no idea what has changed unlike these rebels... the Union they call themselves with some unfair dictator who calls himself President. I can not believe Richard leads this either.

Stormwalker: Find another plan, Par. We need some other way of disposing them, not through those arms...

Crane: Then you come up with one, and if it fails then you have to cough over the arms.

Stormwalker: Then let us get walking to a room shall we?

Crane: Let's not forget your wild Englishman.

Stormwalker laughs and the two pick him up and find themselves in a cottage to discuss and do other things.

Scene 3

Admiral Moon sat face down at her desk in a tent at a camp of the Republic soldiers. News had been delievered that the Union took Kingshead and the Mar De Plata isles. Her plan had completely fallen apart all while she was on her way to Ravenia. The Governor of Ravenia entered the tent and sat down.

Albertus: So what is your plan Lord Admiral? We can't just sit here.

Admiral Moon: Just shut the hell up. We lost 3 key islands to supposed squabbling pirates that should have been able to fend for themselves perfectly fine. If we lost those this war is going to completely turn the odds of poker table. We're officially screwed!

Albertus: Hmm.. You are sure of this? We were albe to win the revolution against the tough EITC. They are at most our equal. Don't you guys get reports with this as to how it was taken? And if so have you even read the reports?

Admiral Moon: What does it matter? We lost three key islands. Just take them, I don;t care for them anymore.

The Governor reads over the reports and then stands up as if he will speak.

Albertus: "The fall of Isla de Plata was only successful due to to poor weather conditions and lack of intelligence. Many rebels were disguised as civilians including lead General Elizabeth Bane." They disguised themselves. We didn't have trained spotters, furthermore during a time of war we have to be more paranoid about things and rightfully so. Both of us are the master of disguise, perhaps if we were to do what we do best we could give them a run for their money.


Albertus:  Yes... however I think we need to train Republic troops with standards as high as the Red Guadsmen. They are almost close equivalents of us and at the ready for anything. Storming Ravenia has been done by so many but none have succeeded let alone survive. If the Republic's troops at least had spotters on each island, this can be evaded.

Admiral Moon: Well then I guess we better start writing...

Scene 4

Plunderbones lay there impaled by a custom bayonet at the entrance of Barbossa's Grotto. The Hessian walks out of the cave and looks at his kill.

Hessian: Asking too many bloody questions.

The Hessian rowed back to Tortuga to bring with him a charm to confirm the Lord General's death to the House of Storms. He walks into a secret entrance that goes below the island and leads into a large hollowed out area at least 15 feet high ceilings and large area with bustling activity. It was the Tortugan Black Market which was ran by various clans and gangs. He passed by the various people there and approached Stormwalker.

Hessian: It has been done. Here is your proof. He asked too many questions and almost got in.

Stormwalker (taking recovered object): Well done. Your pay is upstairs. It is about time they rid of him, he was going to eventually take the stash we have.

Mallace enters and approaches the two.

Mallace:  You guys have pretty good slaves back there. Where did you find them?!

Hessian: Do we know you sir?

Mallace: I am Lord Chancellor Andrew Mallace to you sir. Salute or be a slave! (He cackles and then looks at The Hessian curiously) Say you look familiar. Were you by chance once part of the East-

Hessian: What does it matter? They fell and gave it up to stupid pirates. The House of Storms has to keep some of them in line, do you have nay idea how tiring it is? Interrogating every single one of those arrogant bastards.

Mallace: It seems our interests are aligned then... What would you say if we brought it back?

Stormwalker: It wouldn't be possible. The Republic would be able to vanquish it considering the amount of Former EITC personnel currently.

Rear Admiral Edgewalker stumbles in drunkenly towards the three.

Edgewalker: What's this? The EITC rises again? Hah! Like that would ever happen.

Mallace and Hessian look at the Rear Admiral with a fierce ready-to-kill-this-bastard look. Stormwalker looks at them looking away from the bar still sitting on the stool.

Stormwalker:  Andrew, Hessian, if you could excuse the Rear Admiral and I, we have business to discuss.

The two walk away and begin talking.

Stormwalker: I believe you owe the House something. (She says this looking at a coin she turns over and over in her hands).

Edgewalker: Oh please no... I almost have all the-

Stormwalker: Money is no longer an option. You must begin giving us intel or we will bring up crimes covered up by various loyal soldiers. Even though they did not happen.

Edgewalker (sighs): What intel?

Stormwalker puts an ink well and feather on the bar and paper. She looks at hiim waiting for his response.

Edgewalker: What...?

Stormwalker: Everything. Movements of rebels, movements of the Republic, plans of attack for the Republic, secret operations, troop deployments, and of course spy deployments with their gathered intel.

She gets up off her stool at the bar and smiles and then grabs him by the ear with great force.

Stormwalker: You know what will happen if you don't. I know you know what the Lord Admiral knows.

Stormwalker walks away in a flirtatious way some may call it. Edgewalker it was anything but.

Scene 5

The night was silent and calm. The wind blew the Union fleet across the sea ever so fast like a knife through air but ever so quietly. Admiral Huntington looked out across the sea as they made head way back to Kingshead. He mouthed words, or perhaps lyrics of a song, looking out to see the castle top again.

The Captain: Cutthroat falling like dust after we take Mar de Plata... what a victory wouldn't you say>

Admiral Huntington continued mouthing lyrics for sure now and gazed out at the star littered sea.

The Captain: Sir?

Admiral Nate: THere is not always a need to talk, Captain. Always save your breath for later on. It may not seem so significant now, but in the future it will. A beautiful night like this musn't be disturbed.

The Captain salutes and looks out upon the water. Upon reaching Kingshead, the Admiral meets with President Cannonwalker to discuss important matters. Tings in Kingshead had calmed down quite a bit since he was last there. Eventually he opened a door leading to an office where Cannonwalker sat waiting for Huntington. The Admiral took a seat.

Richard Cannonwalker: Evening, Nate. Glad to have you back here. Much less chaotic, yes?

Admiral Nate: Yes no doubt. Pleasure seeing you again Rich. We are now fully ready for the next phase with the capture of the depot and military post. The Republic has intel on us so I suppose we underestimated them, my friend. They know that the Republic units they freshly trained were our people and are starting to investigate if we have others in the Military.

Richard Cannonwalker: They don't know squat. They are stilll attempting to grasp what happened in Mar de Plata let alone across the channel on Cutthroat. We are winnning out, I don't we have to worry. Also, we could always have them fed false information. Now... the next phase.. with the Tenth Lord out on Tortuga, Puerto Republica lays vulnerable to attack and can easily fall to us thus bringing ships to Devil's Anvil. There we can see whatthings we can do with these people head on.

Admiral Nate: What is the point of taking Puerto Republica though? They are loyal to the Republic-

Richard Cannonwalker: Loyal because they are forced to. They have a large British population as well, don't you think they would side with Kingshead? Moving in on Puerto Republica could get us our independence! They would have to get their capital back.

The Admiral gets up and walks to the table and maps out the strategy to be used. He explains as he goes along until there is a knock on the door. The two look at each other. They allow the knocker to come in revealing a blonde with glasses and braided hair.

Blonde girl: A message for the President. This is for you, Governor Seasteel said it was urgent.

Rcihard Cannonwalker: Ah thank you, dismissed.

She leaves.

Richard Cannonwalker: "We are watching you always --- Republic Red"

Admiral Nate suddenly looks like he had seen a ghost and quickly dashes out the door running and yelling to stop the blonde girl. Unsuccessful he returned to Richard.

Admiral Nate (panting): That was their Lord Admiral. Do you have any idea what that could mean?

Richard Cannonwalker: So what? She is stuck in the middle of Kingshead. Even if she gets information, she will just die trying to get out with it. By the time she does get out if alive, you will have taken Puerto Republica.

Admiral Nate: I suppose so...

Scene 6

Lord Admiral Moon ran for her life until she was able to lose the guards pursuing her. She entered a shady warehouse where Governor Spark waited. She hops up onto a crate and sits on it.

Gov. Albertus: So? What did you hear?

Admiral Moon: They are going to steam roll Puerto Republica in hopes to negotiate their independence.

Gov. Albertus: Well that works all too perfect for us then. Way too perfect. Were you able to get an informant?

Admiral Moon: Yes. She is a maid that wants asylum elsewhere in a peaceful part of the Republic. I told her Ravenia would work and that she may even work for you directly if she spies for us.

Gov. Albertus: Perfect. Then I suppose it is time to notify Ravenia to send over the newly trained troops. With Red Guard discipline, it will give the Union a run for their money.

They leave and row out to a ship off the coast in the fog. They begin sailing towards Tortuga to begin finding a strategy while a message is delivered to Ravenia of deployment.

Scene 7

Crane read the message he got from the Lord Admiral and an attached report of the dead body of his long MIA Lord General. Still on Tortuga, he was with the Vice Lord as they attempted to figure out what to do next. They were in the Vice Lord's Office.

Crane: The Union wants to take Puerto Republica while we are out and about. An informant found out about it as the Lord Admiral was withdrawing from Ravenia to Cuba.

Vice Lord Gunfish: This is why we can;t wait any longer, Par. What must be done must be done. Shame on a pitiful rebellion. We have just been too easy on them is all. Stormwalker needs to give us the stockpile or else.

Crane: Bastards. We'll show them who they are trying to mess with. Find Stormwalker now. I am done delaying this. If they march on Puerto Republica we will be endangering too many.

Vice Lord Gunfish: Way ahead of you. (He smiles snisterly and then beckons for a servant to come in.) This... (Servant throws a tied up and muffled Stormwalker to the floor) is th eperson you were looking for.

Crane looks over, expression unchanged. Gunfish kicks her in the side amd them pulls her up by her braid onto a chair. and slaps her.

Crane: Listen closely, wench. Listen closely. We are not playing anymore of your games today as we have a war against us that we must surpress. If we do not, we will never be able to recover from this mess and half the Forum will not be re-elected and could mean the end of business for your clan. (He takes off the rag that keeps her from responding)

Rep. Stormwalker: Pulling me out of King's Arm and making threats is not going to get you anywhere. If you think that then you are sadly mistaken. I don't intend on being ran out of business either because I am too important to this country than any of you are. You are all pathetic, war thirsty, wastes. This won't go unpunished.

Vice Lord Gunfish: And how do you suppose you are going to carry that out? (He kicks her in between the legs) Who will be able to hear you? No one. We can honestly rip out your entrails and skip rope with them if we wanted to. Who is to stop us? If you can be above the law, so can we.

Crane: Where are the weapons? Where are they?

Rep. Stormwalker: Over my dead body. (She laughs) But you know... you can't nor... wouldn't kill me. Torture me, assholes. Keep it on.

Gunfish punches her off the chair knocking her out. He looks up at Crane who flips Stormwalker off.

Crane: She will give them to us. Eventually. Ravenia trained someof our troops to be more disciplined and better in combat so we ma be better without them for the time being. Let us be off. We must ready on the Anvil.

Scene 8

Moon and the Ravenian Governor looked over the plans sent to them already by their new informant. They waited for the Tenth and Vice Lords' Arrival on Devil's Anvil.

Admiral Moon: Through the forests? Sounds risky to be taking the back door for them. They are more Naval specialists, that is how they won all of their battles. Even Bill agreed until he died on this beach. We were only mowed down in Mar de Plata because it was a complete shock move. And I thought they would have wanted to divide up our people.

Gov. Albertus: It is odd though. They would be going by sea, but then maybe they believe we will have a fleet after them? I don't know, forests seems fishier.

Admial Moon: I don't think these are tricked up though. It could easily work if we hadn't known about it. So then how would we try and get them out, Governor?

Gov. Albertus: Grenades and.... don't tell anyone else but.... Mines. Ravenia has a secret stockpile of it's own to defend herself with in the case of extreme emergency. We could assemble them here and plant them. They wouldn't expect it. Then of course we can post some of our own there.

Admiral Moon: Yes.... That would work....

As the two plan out the exact movements of their plan to defend the executive seat of power, Crane and Gunfish arrive and walk toward them as they finish their plan.

Gov. Albertus (saluting and bowing): Good afternoon, My lords. The Lord Admiral and myself have been constructing a plan.

Moon turns and salutes the two and they salute back and nod to the Governor.

Admiral Moon (Beckoning them over): TWe will be waiting for them in the forests where they will come through. There, awaits them a massaray of obstacles including boots and coats ready to slaughter them.

Crane: They would never see it coming. Let alone get out alive. Outstanding work then.

Vice Lord Gunfish: Though if I ma ask what some of the obstacles are? Surely there isn't muany that would pose a threat.

Gov. Albertus: Ah but there is, my Lord. Undetectable explosives, surprises of the sort. Hidden blades and traps. They will lose their life before they knew their soul was being lifted to the heavens.

Crane: Then I suppose we shall wait. Prepare them as we begin to win this war and show them that it is just beginner's luck.

The group cackles as they begin to figure out what comes after the success...

Scene 9

It is night and slowly the Huntington creeps up towards Fort Charles while another ship---a transport---gets closer to the dock of Puerto Republica beginning to silently unload Union soldiers. President Cannonwalker looked out over the balcony of his cabin on the Huntington.

Admiral Nate: Mister President, sir. We want to give you the honor of firing the first shots of the last battle in this revolutionary war.

Richard Cannonwalker: At last, the Republic shall realize their mistake. (He turns to Nate and puts his hand on his shoulder, patting him) We did good. (He turns away out at the water again) FIRE AT WILL!

Fort Charles was bombarded and torn apart by the Huntington as Elizabeth's ground forces took the twon's streets. Elizabeth led them up the hilly island of Puerto Republica.

Elizabeth: Forward! We must capture the North and East portions of the town. We can not let them past it to be able to gain back ease of movement! Go go go!

Meanwhile Moon and the Governor waited out in the forests for Union forces. They stood on horses with other cavalry and infantry.

Admiral Moon: Where the hell are they? It is the perfect time and we have been waiting here for far too long.

Gov. Albertus: I don't know.... it just seems so fishy and odd.... (He turns his head) What is that? That sound is it.... MOVE MOVE MOVE IT WAS A TRAP! GUNFIRE TO THE NORTH!


Gov. Albertus: GO GO GO GO GO!

They rode through the forests only to be found by Union Scouts who upon finding them open fire. They take cover behind trees.

Gov. Albertus: On the ground! They found us here!

Admiral Moon: We have to move forward. There can only be badness happening in the town and Fort Charles. There could be a slaughter fest!

Gov. Albertus: I don't want to be part of that and would like to be able to wait for the opportune moment like right now... FORWARD RUSH!

The two rode off as their people pushed the Union forces back into the towns quickly only to find themselves at odds with Elizabeth's Union Regiments in fron of the former Governor's Mansion. She sees them and begins to move around more evasive.

Elizabeth: Line of fire! Have no mercy!

Admiral Moon: Take cover and give them no quarter!

Elizabeth: Prepare and ready! Charge them!

Gov. Albertus: AIM AND FIRE!

As they exchanged fire slowly two ships with black flags crept up on the island, one into the bay near the shores, the other preparing to open fire on the Huntington. As the ship near land unloads, black coats and horses are seen. A white horse rides up with artillery following behind towards the Mansion.


Suddenly a cannon disrupts both sides as it fires upon both of them. Black coats reveal that they are men of the EITC, risen once again. Their cannons took chunks ff the Mansion before finally the two factions dispersed and ceased firing upon each other.


Garland: You are all pitiful wastes fighting over islands and thinking that the company would never return! Here you are, some of you dealing with treason and others that are committing against those who control all of treason in this region! Thank God we have saved our people in time. You didn't think we owuld just sit here and let you rule all alone? You, escort them to the docks.

Mallace: I am just so glad we are back once again! I knew you wouldn't leave me here to die! Thank god to Stormwalker too for getting us back on our way!

Garland: I have to agree. She shall be rewarded highly when we find her and possibly give her special slave status in our new side business here too, the BNO.


The two ride to the docks to meet the military leaders of both factions and got off their horse. They looked at them and stared them down.

Garland: Know this. We will spare your lives, as we know from our intelligence that you know the leaders of all this... (He motions to the fire exchange behind him) going on. You will tell them that we have arrived and come back to take what is rightfully ours. What you stole from us. Be on with yourselves!

Union General Elizabeth is pushed into one dinghy that rows her out to the now battle torn Huntington. Moon and the Governor are put into another rowing off to the Republic's holding in Devil's Anvil. They rowed as fast as they could. Elizabeth is helped aboard the Huntington and Cannonwalker immediately starts asking her questions.

Richard Cannonwalker: Why are we being slaughtered by the Republic? Why are you back alone?! What the hell happened?!

Elizabeth: Firstly... the EITC returned and salughtered us and them. Second, they sent me back alone to tell you they have returned. And lastly.... The EITC happened. They showed up and fired on both of us. The Republic limps home as well.

Richard Cannonwalker: We are at odds then.. the only way we can get through this is.... No... I don't.....

The Huntington sails away towards the Anvil as the EITC raise their flag over Puerto Republica.


Scene 1

Fire consumes the Republic flag on the Lightning's Fury, the House of Storms ship for enjoyment purposes to the public, though secretly fitted for total war. The war brig is in Puerto Republica here to meet with new British leaders. Stormwalker had escaped the reaches of the Republic leaders, though bandaged up at the moment. She was escorted to the Lord's Mansion, renamed to fit the newly established leadership of the island. She sits in front of the former Tenth Lord's desk looking at Jeremiah Garland.

Garland: Ah... Stormwalker, my lovely daughter. I was thankful to hear you would give your father the necessary money to take back the Caribbean in the name of the company. Now, I hope you don't mind, but Mallace and I are getting back together and we wanted to make sure you were okay with it. We will rule over the West Indies as a family this time, and we won't let a revolution happen again.

Mallace sits next to Jeremiah with only a towel around his waist.

Mallace: We wil show those no good rebels no mercy! And those rebels of rebels will really get it! We shall form a more free yet controlling region than those pigs ever could have!

Stormwalker (Smiling a little nervously): Yes, I suppose we will be... I came here to tell you that we don't just hav emoney though, father. We have a secret stockpile of weapons secretly hidden just off the coast on Rambleshack... it will put us officially in an advantageous stance in this war against these rebel scum. I kept it away from the Republic promising I would give it to them if their war with the Union worsened.

Garland: These weapons... what are they? How can you even possibly get any better than just.... muskets and swords? No one possesses that power, Storm.

Stormwalker: But yet I do, father. The weapons are handcrafted, dipped into venomous liquid or others like rounds that releases a poison into the air. Only some of these voodoo experts could figure it out and craft them. They don't know I am financing you or know about it and are going to take them if we don't act quickly.

Garland: Hmmm... Those would be useful wouldn't they, dear Andrew? Perhaps it could finally pierce through Crane. That bastard leading and slaughtering countless lives of the company. Well... then I suppose we have more business to attend to. Seeing, as you know much about these weapons of mass chaos, I suppose you could lead the regiments into Rambleshack and load them into the transports. You may be off then my dearest daughter. Do inform when you have gathered the necessary forces and need the transports brought about.

Stormwalker: Yes father. (She gets up) Good day, father and Andrew. We shall at last rule what is rightfully ours.


Garland: Yes... at last we will be....

Scene 2

The Lord Admiral and the Governor roamed the camp on the north side of the Anvil as Republic soldiers settled in to hit the hay. The two were getting ready to meet the Grand Lord and Vice Lord about the situation. 

Albertus: Ican not believe it, the EITC! They returned and our military coulddo nothing about it? Then ofcourse the freaking Union. I've just about had it, clearly the only force capable of taking back the Caribbean is the Red Guard of Ravenia.

Admiral Moon: We'll get them.We did it in the revolution, and we can do it now as an organised people. We will push them out of Puerto Republica and win it all back in the end of the day.

Albertus: Well I'm not going to stick around to see what you guys do if your nextplan fails.

The two entered a tent where the two lords sat. Moon and the Governor sat down at the table.

Crane: What... the...hell....happened?!

AdmiralMoon: We were unexpectedly steamrolled by our former oppressors, the Eastern Not-So-Indian Twits Corporation. We did not see themcoming for miles.

Crane: CLEARLY! How do we recover from this at all? We just lost valuable intelligence and our stronghold!

Albertus: That's why Ravenia suggested you move all intel records to our island as it is too powerful for our foes to take. That's also why the military should have been trained by us and not those crazy old pirate veterans.

Vice Lord: Enough. Look what we do is send spies to the Union and infiltrate them while we focus on this EITC Threat and take our capital back. We have the ability to take them, just we would have to instead use Ravenian Regiments instead of ours.

Albertus: That's not happening at all. An agreement was made when we founded the Republic: the Republic would not be able to use my regiments even in the extremest times of war without the consent of Ravenia's Governor. I will not put my people to save you from your faults.

The Vice Lord, Crane and the Governor got into a heated argument and began shouting when suddenly rushing in came an officerbringing news.

Officer: My Lords and Lady-

Admiral Moon: Lord.

Officer (nervously smiles): Lord... I bring news from spies.... They spotted Trading Company movement toward our positionand Union armies on the island! We fear the worst.

Albertus: Wonderful. What could go wrong now? Excuse me as I go negotiate with one of these parties before we are blasted to bits.

Albertus leaves the tent with the Officer and the Lords just exchange glances.

Crane: it were. WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO?!

Scene 3

The Governor walked on the sand towards the Union landing as soldiers in gold and red uniforms unloaded. The Officer waved a flag signaling they were there to talk on peaceful terms. From afar Richard Cannonwalker and Huntington gazed at the flag signal and are seen briefly speaking to an officer and then disappearing into a tent. The Union officer approaches them.

Union officer: The President of the Union has agreed to see you on peaceful terms.

Albertus: I thought he would.

They walked into the tent in which at a table President Richard Cannonwalker sat at one en; then on the sides with Elizabeth Bane the General in Chief, Nathaniel Huntington the Admiral in Chief, Gov. Victoria Diverti, Gov. David McMartin, and Hank who is the Chief of Staff for the President. The Governor and Republic officer sit down at the other end of the table.

Richard Cannonwalker: It's a pleasure we can at last come to terms, Governor. I assume the Republic has finally realized their mistake?

Albertus: Unfortunately, I do not entirely represent the Republic here however, it is clear to me unlike them what has to be done here.

Elizabeth: And what would that be...? Clearly you don't seem to figure out when you people lose.

Albertus: Well, General, perhaps if you'd allow me to explain what I propose.... (Elizabeth just stares from afar in disgruntlement.) I would like to propose a cease-fire, in which-

The table erupts in laughter.

Admiral Nate: You must be joking! Like that would ever happen. We have the might and power to take out the entire Republic.

Elizabeth: Even if we agreed you would just be prolonging your imminent destruction.

The laughter continues until finally Richard pounds the table.

Richard Cannonwalker: Enough! Why do you propose a cease fire?

Albertus: I won't deny that you have the might to wipe out the entire Republic, but you would be destroyed in the process as a new threat looms for you and us combined. I would like to propose a cease fire so we can convene and coordinate a way to rid of the current menace that will hunt and haunt us if we do not come together or at least ignore each other until they have been thwarted.

Richard sits in silence as he ponders what the Ravenian Governor said. He gets out of his seat and then pounds the table.

Richard Cannonwalker: Allow me to discuss this with my people then. If this is true I must discuss prior to making any cease fire deals. Allow me the privacy, I offer my hospitality and no matter where this go safe return to your camp or elsewhere if necessary.

Albertus (nodding head): Thank you President Cannonwalker.

Scene 4

We find ourselves on a ship, likely the Lightning Fury, as it moves closer to Rambleshack where the secret stockpile is stored away. Stormwalker looks out as she prepares to take the island from the few Republic troops. 'They land on the Rambleshack coast and climb the steepness of the coast and break into the main part of the structure. Inside Rear Admiral Ned Edgewalker stood there leaning against the wall looking at Stormwalker.

Edgewalker: I do believe my debt is payed off by guarding this stockpile then isn't it?

Stormwalker: Yes... Yes.. of course. You've done well. I see that you are way ahead of us and we can begin loading them on and be on our way. We will leave you a choice though seeing as your circumstances are unfortunate: If you choose to stay in hiding as we slaughter the Republic and Union, then we will leave you here with not only a few... lonely clan members.... but all the necessities. You may also come with us if you would prefer and find yourself enlisted amongst many other political figures in our new government here in the West Indies. Your choice.

Edgewalker: In any case I would be the governor of my own island I would assume? (Stormwalker nods.) Then I would like to be taken with you and off to whatever island government you will put me in.

Stormwalker: Wise choice. Come with me.

Slowly they loaded the cargo into the cargo bay of the ship as they prepared to take the entire Caribbean by force...

Scene 5

The Ravenian Governor leaves the tent along with the Republic and Union officers followed by Military advisors leaving McMartin, Diverti, Cannonwalker, and Hank.

Richard Cannonwalker: David what should we make of this? Is this something that would be in our best interests?

David McMartin: It would be more so in their best interests... but to me it seems like it may be in ours too. We should take precaution I think and align ourselves with them.

Victoria: What are you guys thinking?! Are you crazy?! These are the people that oppresed us for years and years and know we are going to make friends with them? I say no to this! Never.

McMartin: Yes, but would you like to rule over Terre d'argent under the Union or as a dead ghost? The EITC will inevitably wipe us out like no big deal if we don't band together until they are gone....

Hank: I have to agree with David... but it is up to you, Rich.

Richard Cannonwalker: How does this sound then... we tell them that we won't shoot at anyone for now until we come together as two people and discuss with the Republic leaders about what can be done about this mess?

Victoria: I guess.....

Richard Cannonwalker: Then it is settled. Bring Governor Albert back in, if you would be so kind as well as the military, Sgt. (Everyone piles back into their original seats and they all look at Richard waiting for a response. Richard pounds the table with a gabel and rises from his seat.) After much deliberation we have decided to agree to a temporary cease fire for two days so that we can meet with the Republic leaders and discuss a more detailed cease fire and resolve this new conflict. Please tell the Republic leaders of this, Albert. Be off and spread the news of peace for our brothers and sisters. Meeting adjourned.

Scene 6

William Seasteel stood on a balcony as he looked over a crowd that he had asked for British Union guards to assemble. The crowd stood outside as the sn peeked over the horizon in the morning of the first day of the return of the EITC sets in to the skins of many. Seasteel held a small roll of paper and he had already read it over and over again. He could not believe his eyes. He lookd up at the crowd again and began to speak...

Gov. Seasteel: Good morning, fellow Brits. Last night, the Union carried out an attack on Puerto Republica to take the seat of power from the republic and one of it's few strongholds left. While the Republic was chsed out of their seat of power, so was the Union due to the return of our former established government and trade tycoons, the East India Trading Company. Upon receiving this message I discussed with my advisors and have decided that it is in the best interests of our government and in your interests to rejoin the East India Trading Company.

The crowd began cheering and upon hearing this, many Union non Brit officers were alarmed and began making their way towards the Governor only to be bashed in the skull or arms or shot at by the muskets of EITC supporters or now Ex-Union Officer in support of the EITC. The crowd fought them and at last when peace settled in again Seasteel began to speak again.

Gov. Seasteel: And so with the outing of the Union here, any who supports the Union and attempts to infiltrate the structure and power of this island will be convicted of treason and sentenced to death by the gallows. Any Union supporters who would like to leave the island may leave but must understand that eventually they will have the EITC flag over whichever way they go in the West Indies. I thank you all for your support and bid you a good day. Long live the new government!

From afar a man in the crowd looked up at the governor. A shadowy and sketchy fellow he seemed.

Jason Clubheart (muttering): Interesting... the return of the East India Company.... I do wonder how the Union will react to this.... I would like to think they would be the better faction to win in this madness....

He quickly disappeared into shadows and inched into a dinghy and started rowing out towards another island in a north western direction... The Union flag burns in the distance and slowly they raise a black flag with the familiar EITC symbol on it.

Scene 7

President Cannonwalker rode on a horse with his other advisors through the streets of Tortuga where cease fire talks would begin. The morning had begun and the Union and Republic would discuss terms in a private Republic Forum room. They all enter the room and settled in. There various people sat: The Tenth Lord Christopher Crane, Vice Lord Davy Gunfish, Governor of Ravenia Albert Spark, Lord Admiral of the Republic Bobby Moon, President Richard Cannonwalker of the Union, Governor of Union Padres Del Fuego David McMartin, Governor of Union Terre d'Argent Victoria Risa Diverti, General-In-Chief of Union forces & Governor of Union Isla de Plata Elizabeth Bane, Union Chief of Staff Hank, and Admiral-In-Chief of Union Naval forces. The 10 People sat around the large table where nametags were placed where they sat identifying them. The two leaders Tenth Lord of the Republic and President of the Union rose and prepared to speak.

Crane: We are all gathered here today to discuss a cease fire and a necessary alliance until we have driven out a frightening menace that will slaughter us like animals if we do not act and work together.

Richard Cannonwalker: Both sides are prepared to make sacrifices to come together so we can not be hunted and haunted and watch our poeple be oppressed once more by the Europeans that dare come on our land once more.

Crane: With that being said the Republic would like to list what is available to them at this moment and open for usage by the Union for the time being: Intelligence camps in Isla Cangrejos, in Isla Perdida, and in Cuba; The Naval camp and yard in Cuba; The Land forces camp in Cuba; The Republican Guard of Tortuga; and the Republic flagship. We hope that this may aid our temporary friendship by offering these services.

Richard Cannonwalker: The Union also will list what is available to them at this moment and also open for usage for the time being: Intelligence camps in Outcast Isle, in Padres Del Fuego, in Kingshead; Naval camps and yards in Padres Del Fuego, in Kingshead, in Isla de Plata; Land forces camp in Padres Del Fuego and in Terre d'Argent; the Huntington, the flagship of the Union; and the First Union Division which is currently led by Elizabeth Bane. We too, hope that this may aid out temporary friendship by offering these services.

Crane: It is however to be noted the only reason that the following has been listed is so we may see what is open to be used or offered as we make a deal and temporary alliance to thwart our long time foe.

Richard Cannonwalker: Both governments would like to reminds themselves and each other that if we do not reach an agreement soon and that every night that passes by means the less likely we will come out of this room alive and with hope. Throughout the day and nights we are posted here, messages will be delivered of news from our intelligence of what the enemy is up to. It has already begun with the delivery of a note this morning that Kingshead or St. Birdget was lost to the EITC.

Crane: Thank you for listening and we shall now begin deliberations. Long must the Caribbean live, under one government or antoher; but not the EITC.

They sat down in silence and all 10 people just stared at each other in awe and ponder of their options of what can be done. Time passes by and people propose various ideas but nothing significant.

Victoria: You can't do that! The resident French would disapprove and so do I. It is the only thing giving us our money right now.

Admiral Moon: Like I said, why don't you come up with a better idea?

Albertus: I don't think any of you realize none of this would work!

McMartin: Well why don't you tell us Al what we should do? Clearly you know whats best.

Hank: Look maybe we should change it up a bit perhaps instead of Terre d'Argent we use Cuba. It already is in the beginning stages of being used in the way we are suggesting!

Deliberations and offers continued going on and on while the EITC planned their return... Night soon came with nothing accomplished... The group got up and walked out and to their beds in the Forum. All but two found themselves in their bed. The two walked out of the Forum for an evening walk...

Scene 8

The two figures left the Forum and conversed.

Albertus: I really wish we weren't on the opposite sides, but you have evry right to be pissed off at these assholes. I am unsure if I should switch sides or just stick it out. No offense Richard, I don't agree with your side either but I don't want you to be killed and die forever.

Richard Cannonwalker: Well you know, life happens. We all were friends, and maybe we could have been if I had just stood put in Outcast and continued writing about the chaotic protests in the southern part of the Union. I wish we could figure a way to bring the republic and the Union officially together.

Albertus: Don't we all? Even if you are feeling like we will end up killing ourselves after the EITC is out. It pisses me off we are wasting time because someone disagrees and then we can't use the idea, though some of these ideas are complete crap! Chris got word that we lost Cutthroat and Tormenta to East India. It only makes me more worried to see the need of mobilising my military in Ravenia.

Richard Cannonwalker: Maybe you should anyways, except against the Republic. Don't you have the option to leave the Republic? Would it not be beneficial?

Albertus: Yes but, for now it would not be.

Richard Cannonwalker: ah... I think th eonly way we will get out of this thing alive though... and it sounds power hungry.... but its the only thing I can think of...

Albertus: What is it?

Richard Cannonwalker: One side takes over the government and the other takes over the military until we thwart the EITC. Let's face the facts... if we put people where they can be the most useful then we will get much further along. The EITC will just keep pluggin through until they only have to take Tortuga and topple us over...

Albertus: That isn't a bad idea though. We would be stronger united and where we can work, not where we can not. For example, you are a much better political leader than half the Forum and even Christopher. Christopher and half the Forum are war heroes and better at defending and military and not governing. It could work.

Richard Cannonwalker: I doubt the Republic would like it... it would be hard to pass by... hell, the others in the Union may not like it either! If only it were easier and we were not at war with each other.

Albertus: It's worth a shot. I can try and get Bobby in on it and it could be easier to sell if you get one of yours too. It can work if we try. It's the best bad idea we have for us and if we don't get moving everyone will be in the nation of opression. Corrupted governments will be the least of our concerns.

Richard Cannonwalker: I can talk to David and Hank then. They might agree with me and we could pass it through both governments.

Albertus: Then I guess that's it. Nice talking to you again, Rich. I will see you in the morning.

Richard Cannowalker: You too, Albert.

Both walk back into the Forum and find their rooms and hit the hay. Night sets in more...

Scene 9

Fog spread throughout the Caribbean by night as now a fleet of black flagged ships steadily began to move closer towards Isla Cangrejos and Driftwood Isle. As each landed they quickly disembarked and rushed the populated areas of each isle. On Cangrejos, a now more matured General Blademorgan waited putside a building with soldiers at the ready.

Blademorgan: They aren't expecting us to succeed but we shall prove them wrong.... On count we shall take the intelligence post. 1... 2... 3!

Blademorgan and a dozen men stormed the intelligence post killing any man in sight as several Trading Company Intelligence officers crept behind them for safety and began collecting Republic intelligence. At last Blademorgan and men held the intelligence camp.

Blademorgan (short of breath): Good work.... we have secured intelligence... now what we need to know is.... who is doing what.... where.... and when... and if able why... It will be key for us to see the way this Republic operates...

Trading Company Lt.: General, sir! I believe I have found something! (Blademorgan walk to where the Lieutenant is) It says that there are various other posts and a large naval base and yard in Cuba.

Blademorgan: These bastards are not very good at stowing classified information... It seems that our next target then is... Cuba. We shall watch from afar as they celebrate the anniversary of their stupid revolution.

Trading Company Lt.: We'll show them! Long live the West Indies Empire!

Blademorgan: Yes... long live...

Scene 10

Bells tolled throughout Tortuga crazily. The Republican Guard was mobilised and barricaded the Republic Forum as columns of smoke sprung out from the building. People were shouting and sobbing by the sight of charred and wounded bodies. Crane and Richard Cannonwalker stood watching the mayhem.

Crane: Its the morning of the day we won the revolution years ago and an attack on us is made? How did none of us know?

Richard Cannonwalker: I would not know. We were lucky we took an extra few hours to catch up on sleeping. It must be the Trading Company's doing. Those assholes will pay.

Crane: Diverti, McMartin, were both injured in the attack. They wheeled them out for care. They were lucky as they were very close to the person that set it off.

A commotion is heard as Republican Guardsmen wrestle out a shouting and crazy man.

Crazy Man: Long live the Trading Empire! The Republic shall fall and your Lord shall be hung! Forever we shall live!

The man cackles as the Guardsmen take him away.

Richard Cannonwalker: If only we could resolve this matter sooner and quicker. Happy Unification day...

Crane: No kidding... Take a day Richard. Maybe we can come up with a plan while we ponder today's events rather than have all of our people shout the first thing that pops into their heads. Good day. END OF PLAY

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