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The United States of America

E Pluribus Unum

Basic Political Information
Type of Government
  • Federal Constitutional Republic
Head of State, Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government
  • President George Washington
Basic Branch Information


  • Presidental/Cabinet
  • Bicameral Congress
  • Supreme Court
Other Basic Information
  • Washington, District of Columbia, Dreiton 2.0
Official Languages
  • English

Governing Body

  • Constitution

Basic Information

The United States of America, more commonly "United States" or "US", is a newly independent nation, having recently declared independence from Dreiton. After growing disparagingly discouraged by local politics, including its harboring of fugitives, General Washington decided enough was enough. At 1530,  after staging a minute long peaceful protest, General Washington successfully created a micronation inside an awful area to inspire freedom and to uphold life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Political Basis

Executive Branch

The United States is lead by a single elected leader, the President of the United States (POTUS). The President may elect a cabinet, or group of qualified individuals, to assist him at the White House (The Executive Household). The Constitution only mandates that a Vice President must be chosen from the same political party. The President at this time is George Washington, and his chosen Vice President is John Adams.

Legislative Branch

The United States Legislature compromises of 2 bodies: The House of Representatives who each serve 2 year terms, and the Senate, in which senators serve 6 year terms. They have the soul power to pass and create new laws, which must later be also signed by the President. They are of course, elected officials. The Senate has a total of 100 officials, 2 elected per state, while the House of Representatives is proportionate to population, and each state has a different number of elected officials per population. The Vice President is the technical head of the Senate. The House is leaded by the Speaker of the House. Each house also has a majority/minority leader based on the party that received the most votes in the latest election. 

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch is compromised of nine judges on the Supreme Court. They will decide the highest of cases and whether or not certain issues are constitutional, like laws for example. They are the highest ranking officials in the United States Department of Justice. The Chief justice will hold certain executive powers and be the speaker.

POTUS.gif Senate.pngHouseofc.png Supcourt.png

Checks and Balances

Each branch has the power to "check" the other, therefore creating a balanced government.

  • The Executive Branch checks the Legislative Branch by having the power to veto and issue executive orders, and Judicial Branch by having the power to appoint (and reverse) supreme court justices. 
  • The Judicial Branch checks the Legislative Branch and Executive by having the power to declare laws/orders unconstitutional, such as impeachment orders.
  • The Legislative Branch checks the Executive branch by having the power of impeachment and overriding vetoes (2/3 majority), and checks the Judicial Branch by having the power to block/filibuster nominees.