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Times are getting tough in the Caribbean of ours, so I have decided to write my will. My possesions are to be distributed as follows:

My three loved ships, half of my gold, Ships R Us, and various others: "Captain" Bounty Hunter Bill

My old EITC outfit:"Lord" Lawrence Dagger(Hope it fits!)

My respect:The admins of the Wiki!

Some of my weapons:Skull X and Shade

Some old smelly boots:Tama

My pet banana:First come first serve

My magic cane and whatever Empire I'm running:Jack my son

A rotton apple and a poisoned grape:The Fruit and his followers

A random monkey:Hmmmm.... Big Mac :P

The rest: are to be distributed or sold by my brother and my son so that they make sure my stuff doesnt fall into the wrong hands.

It's truely sad I must write this, but if I didn't, I fear may what become of everything.

Fair Winds and best wishes to everyone, Davy Hookwrecker,Elven Lord

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