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HuntingWolf.jpg|Hunting Wolves
HuntingWolf.jpg|Hunting Wolves
20090603052415706.jpg|One of the Ming Vases
20090603052415706.jpg|One of the Ming Vases
Picture2.png|Island in the Carribean
Picture2.png|Island in the Caribbean
P6180087.JPG|Home and Land in Virginia
P6180087.JPG|Home and Land in Virginia

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This is the Will of Matthew Marcus Anthony Faye Blastshot III. Listed will be Items and who will receive them. Nothing is written in Stone and The Will can and May be edited.

Who is Receiving WhatEdit

  • Royal Pistol of Matthew Blastshot ~ Edgar Wildrat
  • British Ring ~ Henry
  • Castle in York ~ Edgar Wildrat
  • Key to the Dead Mans Chest ~ John Breasly
  • Commodore Hat ~ Robert Macmonger
  • Personal Ship the HMS Anthony ~ Robert Shipstealer
  • Hussar Uniforms ~ Francis Bluehawk
  • Red Coat ~ John Breasly
  • Fine Stallions ~ Capt Skull X
  • Mansion on Port Tariff ~ Robert Macmonger
  • Other Coat ~ Samuel Redbeard
  • Prized Hunting Wolves ~ Hermit
  • Royal Navy Uniforms ~ Benjamin Macmorgan
  • King of Denmark Portraits ~ Royal British Museum
  • Royal Commodore Sword ~ Jack Sparrow (He has the Other)
  • Admiral Uniform ~ William Yellowbones (No Reason)
  • Ming Vase Collection ~ Matthew O'Malley
  • Island in the Caribbean ~ My Children
  • Land and Home in Virginia ~ My Children
  • More to Come

Portaits of ItemsEdit

  • Red Coat
  • EITC Coat
  • Castle In York
  • Admiral Hat
  • Fine Stallions
  • Hussar Uniforms
  • Key to the Dead Man's Chest
  • Royal Pistol
  • First King of Denmark Portrait
  • Second Portrait
  • British Ring
  • HMS Anthony
  • Royal Commodore Sword
  • Mansion on Port Tariff
  • Admiral Uniform
  • Royal Navy Uniforms
  • Hunting Wolves
  • One of the Ming Vases
  • Island in the Caribbean
  • Home and Land in Virginia

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