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The Worlds Government is where all the governments of the world's leaders meet to discuss different matters and every year or 2 there is a vote to decide who is leader of the world currently it is England. It has its own Warlords known as the 7 Warlords council. There are only 10 members in the High Council of the Worlds Government, the top 7 members are known as Warlords due to their battle exp., they are chosen by how rich the country is.

The 7 Warlords

  • Blackbeard(Leader)(Until Death in 1750)
  • Captain Chris Jericho Became leader after the death of Blackbeard
  • Classified
  • Admiral Miz
  • Classified
  • Classified
  • Lord Leon(he was admitted in my Miz) Leon left after his change of heart

War with Piracy

During the War of EITC vs. The Brethren Courts, The Worlds Government sent over 100 ships to help Beckett's Armada against the Pirates, when they failed they turned their back on the EITC cause.They would next 'employ' Jolly Roger to destroy the Pirates, sending in 1,000 soldiers to assist in the battles.

Civil War

By 1780 The leaders of The Worlds Government started arguing over who should be the next leader and started a Civil War which might lead to the destruction of TWG

Other appearances

The Logan Family Story

TWG makes an appearance as an antagonist in The Logan Family Saga as Admiral Miz who is made intern leader attempts to kill Jim instead Miz would be shot by Jim. Later in the book they send a massive invasion force to attempt to kill the Pirates.

The Logan Family Story 2

The Worlds Government will be mentioned several times in The Logan Family Saga 2 as they will control Rome, England, Port Royal(later in book), Russia, Singapore and Jamacia and Spain.

In game


In game The Worlds Government is an actual guild founded in December 2009, it gave "power" to the likes of Leon and Pearson Wright, in 2010 the guild was deleted by Disney due to the members bullying noobs.