The Z-Warriors is a guild founded and lead by Commissioner Captain Jim Logan who founded it after he achived Ki Sense and some of his top students are members. his assistant/GM Charles Raidmalley his prized student and great friend claim that they are peace keepers and will help anyone. they have only had three land claims since being formed

Tortuga-The Kings arm for Pubs/Drinks and they use it as a
Screenshot 2010-10-21 20-26-08

Jim in his Bouncer outfit

School for Ki traning

Raven's Cove-perfect Traning Grounds for High power lvl Ki Sense

Rumrunner's Island-as a perfect traning ground for pointing out lower power levels and to store their rum


Commissioner Captain Jim Logan(leader and founder/teacher)

Charles Raidmalley Assistant/GM of the guild and known as best student

Other unoffical members/ allies

Scarree(good friend of Jim and learned Ki Sense the fastest)

Vampire Soceress(second female pirate to learn it)

Duchess of Anemosis(great/close friend of Jim and first female to learn Ki Sense)

in Early October, Jim decided to make the Z-Warriors inactive.

Rumors came about that Chalres Raidmalley( a Pirate Lord in The Original Brethren Court) asked The Z-Warriors be re-activated to help combat the EITC

jim Logan approved the help of the Z-Warriors but he rechristianed them as The Z-Fighters to help combat Lord Leon and the EITC the leader/commander is n/a

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