• Most honored greetings. My name is Josef Furnace, a relatively new face to MCEmpires politics, but not to most of you. As the Voice of the Emperor, I speak for the Supreme Master Waglington, and he has asked me to convey this message to Sweden and all countries affiliated with the recent border skirmish and the ensuing trade embargoes.

    I do wish I could come to you all on a happier note, but I am here to officially announce an ultimatum for Sweden. Here are your sole options.

    Number 1, you can lay down your arms and come quietly by abandoning the contested area, Stockholm, and allow it to be occupied by the Holy Roman Empire and its affiliates. In this event, the Emperor and his esteemed hand will personally see to it that all trade sanctions, embargoes, and whathaveyous are completely lifted and negotiations would resume immediately.

    Your second option is to do nothing and allow these sanctions to continue, with more and more nations being added to the list of sanctioners gradually until no trade occurs at all. This would not be a wise choice.

    The Emperor and I pray you make the wiser choice in the ultimatum so these tensions can be left behind. Should you not, well, I will also be praying for you.

    The Voice of the Emperor has spoken its piece. Glory to the Emperor and the Holy Roman Empire.

    ~The Emperor's Voice

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