Tongeren is a City located in in the region Flanders and the p
800px-Tongeren, belgium, ferraris, 1775

The City Of Tongeren

rovince of Limburg in Belgium.

Tongeren is also the oldest city of Belgium.


Tongeren was build in 15 BC. Inhabited in the Roman period by the Tungri,

Moerenpoort, the only remaining Roman city Gate

and known as Atuatuca Tungrorum, it was the administrative centre of the district under Roman rule.

Roman Time

Tongeren was founded 15 BC. It is the oldest city of Belgium. The famous king of th

Roman remainings of the city.

e Eburons. one of the first that ever defeated Ceasar's troops. That's why Ceasar says "Of all the Gauls, the Belgae are the bravest." Because that one tribe slayed 7200 Roman soldiers in one attack.

Middle Ages.

Not much is kno
Basilica of Tongeren

The "Onze Lieve Vrouwe" Basilica

w of this, only that a gothic style cathedral was build in the city center at the Free Courd Place. Also the famous beguine courd was build during this age. It became one of the principal cities of The Prince-Bishopric of Liége.

Golden Age

In 1677
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Beguine Courd

, the city was burned almost entirely by Louis XIV's troops, a catastrophe from which Tongeren never completely recovered. during this time Ziggy Cardon was born to Jimmy Cardon and an unknown women. Ziggy admired also his grandpa Jean very much. he was a farmer that lived in a near village called Vreren. during this time there where also the buckriders, a criminel gang that robbed people on flying goats. During this age also the legend of the Mysterious Horse Skullstarted

Places and Buildings in Tongeren

  • Moerenpoort - Roman Defending Gate
  • The "Onze Lieve Vrouwe" Basilica - Cathedral
  • Vreren - Village of Tongeren
  • Galgenberg - Gallows Mountain
  • Beguine Courd
  • Free Courd

Famous People Of Tongeren

Ziggy Cardon- Famous Pirate Captain
Vakantie huis te huur Tongeren ambiorix

Ambiorix the king of the Eburons

Jimmy Cardon - Famous Pirate Captain

Ambiorix - prince of the Eburones and rebel leader against the Roman invaders

Saint Servatius - Bishop of Tongeren

Jean - Public Person

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