Touch of Insanity Logo made by our Co GM Nick!

Welcome to the official page for Touch of Insanity! In Touch of Insanity you will experience many different things. Adventure, Friendship, Fun, Randomness, and those are just a few. We have many activities and are a very active guild! We except anyone to join as long as they are in compliance with the simple rules. The rules are as follows.

1. Be Nice and Respectful to all of your fellow pirates not just those in the guild.

2. Help when you can. Again not just for the guild. Be helpful to everyone in the game.

3. Always Ask before you teleport. You may end up someplace that you don't wanna be.

4. There will be NO Drama or fighting. We are here to have fun and Drama and fighting ruins the fun!

5. Refrain from using caps. When you use Caps it is like you are yelling. And we don't like yelling.

Follow these simple rules and we will have a great time! Break a rule once get a warning. Break the rule twice get demoted. (If you have a rank if not skip to booting.) Break it again get booted.

These rules are in place to make sure everyone has a great gaming experience.

Things you should know!

If you get knocked out simply type SOS in the guild chat and someone will help you. ***Remember*** Do not abuse this and do not use it during an invasion.

All Officers are required to host one guild event a month and appear at two.

Do not ask to be promoted, you will be promoted when I and my officers see fit. Or if you are at the appropriate level. (Veteran= Lvl 20, Officer=Lvl 40)

If you need help simply type into the guild chat What you need help on and someone will assist you.

We hope to see you in the game and hope to see you in our guild soon! Fair Winds mates!

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