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Guildmaster: Lawrence Greasehazzard 

This is where it all started, this jail cell in Port Royal Jail.

First Mate: Jason Warhound

This Guild is a navy guild.

Twisted Dragon is a member of the Confederacy of Independant Guilds.

It was made originally as a navy guild but then they became pirates because the were low on funds and members. This guild has Around 65 to 75 members so far. They have training sessions in the old warehouse.

  1. Everyone over level 5 officers.
  2. everyone between 5 and 2 will be veterans.
  3. 1 and 2 will be members.
  4. be nice or you get kicked off.

The Unlimited invite code is SAKZ3863.


september 25: We are at war with the AEOF and the Covenant Empire.


  1. Dap Dapworth: Second In Command
  2. Marc Suncrash: Scout
  3. Rose Redfury: Sergent
  4. Robinson: Lt.
  5. Nate Stormburn: Soldier gr. 1
  6. Simon Bilgeswine: Soldier gr.1
  7. Rachel Wildbreaker: Soldier gr.1
  8. Rose Suncastle: Soldier gr.2
  9. Buccaneer: Soldier gr.2
Guild Userbox ImageNavy.jpg Twisted Dragon is a Navy Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.