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Tryant the Undead Reaper Boss

Tyrant is an Undead Reaper boss. He is not like the other though. He is only a Undead Reaper that roams around the island. He appears whenever a pirate is knocked out and sends you to his jail. He allows you to leave the jail but with a price. He makes you pay him 60 gold pieces to leave. You can't tp out of jail. He laughs at pirates who don't pay and watches over the jail. Although when Jolly Roger's Forces come to Isla Inferno he fights with rage to make sure that none of Jolly Roger's forces ever make it to the island. He does sometimes attack pirates and laughs then disappears. He has been seen as lv 53 boss. Not as hard as other Undead Reaper Bosses. But be warned he does appear around the island but when you do be careful. He'll attack at any moment.


He drops loot skull chest with famed or legendary weapons and gold sometimes but most of the time he drops famed or legendary weapons.

Locations Found

He has been seen roaming the island just floating with his light to see the pirates and other enemies on the island.

Other Info

Terror (44x55).jpg Tyrant is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!
328px-Grim reaper-1--1- (43x55).jpg Tyrant is an Undead Reaper
Isla Inferno Template.jpg Tyrant is a/an/the Undead Reaper Boss on Isla Inferno!