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The Unified Republic of the Caribbean


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  • Lord Christopher Crane - Elected in as the leader of the Republic by many gangs and clans, he is a strong political leader of the Republic.
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  • Lord General Plunderbones - Aka Bill Plunderbones, no doubt he got very far along with the Cop Crew after the Revolution of the Caribbean. He advises the Republic's Leader, being the lead Infantry General.
  • Lord Admiral Moon - Aka Bobby Moon, she got superbly far with the Revolution, being the leader of the Cop Crew, she was said to be one of the Revolution's Key Components in the equation to win. She advises the Republic's Leader, being the lead Admiral of the Navy.
  • Governor Albertus Spark - Albertus is famous for his heroism in Raven's... but not anywhere else. He has governed Raven's Cove forever in the day, there has only been one Governor in Raven's Cove.
  • Rear Admiral Ned Edgewalker -  Part of the military, he is a Rear Admiral stationed in Kingshead. He oversees that it is protected and is loyal to the Republic.
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  • Vice Lord Davy Gunfish - Christopher Crane's right hand man, the two get along very well and can be very dangerous together during a time of war, as has proven in the past. Gunfish will stop at nothing for legislation to be passed that will allow them the use of weapons that are looked down upon for use in war.


  • Stormwalker - Known for her large gang, she makes sure to have the corrupted government stay in line no matter what so she is always on top. Many fear even meeting the leader of the House of Storms clan.

The Southern Isle Union


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  • General Elizabeth Bane - Known for her, sexy and beautiful looks, and well of course her tactics, she is one of the rebellion generals for the Infantry and originates from Padres Del Fuego.
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    Richard Cannonwalker -
    An influential political leader on the island of Outcast, he was living out his days there until asked by Gov. McMartin to lead the rebellion faction.

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  • Admiral Nate Huntington - A former great naval leader for the EITC, he resigned his post and went out to Padres to live out his life. Frustrated with the Republic's government, he joined the Union who appointed him the leading Admiral.
  • DavidPortrait
    Governor David McMartin -
    A fellow political buddy of Richard Cannonwalker, he is the Governor of Padres Del Fuego. He helped ignite the rebellion after hearing Richard's interests in it.

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  • Victoria Risa Diverti - Tired of the constant French Republican nationalism in her island, she helped expand rebellion support in Terre d'argent.
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