A Undead Ichthys is an fish that was cursed by Jolly Roger.It may seen that it is dead but when it is out of the water they create this stink that never goes away until the fish gets into the water.These fish were use during invasions they are 50 feet long they have razor sharp teeth and protect Jolly Roger's ship from attacks.They will always have a taste for blood they will always chew up their victims and leave the head untouch for their babies to eat.But they do serve for Jolly Roger, these fish have an cursed that even if one person eats the fish they'll become cursed and tranforms that person into a skeleton,if the transformation fails the victim will die.They tip boats over easily, putting holes in the ships eatting the ship's cargo.These fish have a strange taste for blood and also gold.As you see in the picture they have black eyes but only in daylight when it is dark their eyes turn red ready for killing anyone...With the rage of a killer shark it'll go crazy and kill anyone it sees anything that moves it will try and kill it.
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